About the Potential Project Info category

Pending Projects: Your Voice Shapes the Future :seedling: :seedling:

Welcome to the Pending Projects section! This is a dedicated space for exploring, discussing, and providing feedback on public goods projects that have submitted for funding in Octant’s upcoming Epoch, but have not yet been approved.

:mag: What You’ll Find Here:

  • Project Overviews: Detailed descriptions of what each project aims to achieve.
  • Funding Proposals: Breakdowns of how projects plan to utilize potential funding.
  • Team Backgrounds: Get to know the people behind these aspiring public goods initiatives.

:speech_balloon: Your Participation Matters:

  • Share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.
  • Offer constructive criticism or voice your support.
  • By actively participating, you help inform our selection process and ensure that only the most impactful projects receive funding.

:point_right: Next Steps:

To comment or ask questions about a specific project, simply click on the respective project thread. If you have general remarks or suggestions for improving the submission process itself, those are welcome too!

Let’s collectively work towards identifying and nurturing projects that contribute positively to the public good. Your voice is valuable in this journey. :star2:

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