EcoSynthesisX: Impact in real life through Web3 for a Better Future

Empowering Change with Blockchain
EcoSynthesisX: Impact in real life through Web3 for a Better Future

At EcoSynthesisX, we are leveraging the latest Web3 and blockchain technology to make a significant impact on public goods funding. Our flagship initiatives include ImpactNFT Collections and the Impact Marketplace, designed to highlight and reward positive contributions through our Impact Onchain Rank system.

Main Funding Sources:

  • Grants funding
  • User donations

Funding Achievements:

  • GG19 Climate Solutions QF: $3,200
  • Giveth (Giving Season) QF: $1,200
  • Meta Pool Asia Pacific QF: $2,700
  • EcoSynthesisX Spring QF: $25,000
  • Hyper DeSci QF: $400
  • Glo Dollar QF: $1,000
  • GreenPill Octant QF: $400

Roadmap (Next 6 Months):

  • Release two new ImpactNFT collections
  • Launch the first Phangan QF (matching pool prepared)
  • Release website v1
  • Develop the DeCleanup dynamic NFT
  • Begin developing the Impact Marketplace and Impact Onchain Rank system

Achievements to Date:

  • Released the first Impact NFT collection
  • Completed the EcoSynthesisX Spring QF
  • Active participation in Gitcoin and Giveth QF rounds
  • Contributions to HyperDeSci, ReFi DAO Local Node, and other matching pools
  • Started work on DeCleanup dynamic NFT

Future Milestones:

  • Launch the Phangan QF with a $10k target
  • Release the second and third ImpactNFT collections
  • Develop the Impact Marketplace (including ReFi mechanics & other incentive for users)
  • Develop the Impact Onchain Rank


  • Paul - Founder and CEO, manages grants/donations, design, and tool implementation
  • Anastasia - Co-founder, manages SMM, community, ImpactNFT, and DeCleanUP
  • Badre - Developer
  • Mark and Alisa - Graphic designers

Social Credibility:

  • Successful Impact NFT collection releases
  • Active participation and sponsorship in QF rounds
  • Strategic partnerships and memberships with notable organizations

Contact and More Information:

Why Funding EcoSynthesisX? EcoSynthesisX is a vibrant web3 IRL startup with a robust team and a clear vision. Our projects aim to create new products, foster collaborations, and drive significant social impact. With your support, we can transform innovative ideas into reality and contribute to a better future.

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Good day!

Our team at EcoSynthesisX is excited about the journey ahead, as we continue to leverage Web3 and blockchain technology to drive significant impact. Your support will be invaluable in helping us achieve our milestones, and we look forward to reaching new heights together.

Wishing everyone good success in this allocation epoch!

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