What Would Ideal Community-Led Governance for Octant Look Like?

I was thinking more along the lines of voice credits given against their donated amount, which can be spent at a future date for governance/mini-rounds they want to see. As opposed to competing with donations from locked glm, governance credits are a reward for choosing to donate rather than claiming rewards for yourself.

Yes I have seen 2 models applied in Arbitrum for driving campaigns.

In one, a proposal keeps ~$16000-20,000 for the person who drafted it (outcome based, retroactive funding contingent on successful passage of a proposal).

The other structure is the one I operate under at the Treasury and Sustainability WG, where I get paid ~$100 per hour and allocate 20 hours a week to driving the campaign for Arbitrum to diversify its treasury, utilize sequencer revenue, mitigate price impact from ARB liquidations and convert its grants into investments.

I personally far prefer the fixed pay structure - it allows me to draft neutral frameworks that I think are interesting for the DAO to consider, without giving me a vested financial interest in making sure it gets passed.

I would also argue that fixed pay allows for more creative work as its de-linked from a particular short term outcome