What Would Ideal Community-Led Governance for Octant Look Like?

I want to thank everyone that shared their feedback!

There is a lot of really good information to distill from this conversation. What I am seeing right now:

  1. We as a team need to get really clear on what our intentions and goals are with Octant. As mentioned before, this is bifurcated in wanting to add value to the GLM ecosystem, and the public goods ecosystem, but this has not yet been stated, and there is work to be done from us in outlining formally and clearly.

  2. With a strong statement of intention, we can collectively design (or redesign) many different aspects related to Octant that have been listed here. There are so many things I can list from what people above have shared, but some of the big ones are:

  • Deciding the design of how rewards are allocated.
    • Users, what tail of public goods, unused rewards, etc.
  • Empowering a DAO that is separate from Foundation (this would be the long term goal).
    • And how we can protect Octant from attacks if/when governance has transitioned away from Foundation.
  • Deciding voting power and choices/tradeoffs for Octant mechanics.
  • Whom to partner with for mini rounds. These are all some examples of the many things that can be explored.

Governance Council

Many of you are aware of this next bit of info, but the plan here is to have #1 answered in early January. Soon after, we plan to bring together a governance council that will help us with #2. This governance council will be roughly 20-30 individuals with experience related to what we are trying to build here. A document is being formalized right now that covers the structure, but this will be a very transparent process, mostly being discussed on this forum, with a planned call once a month. More updates about this council will come soon once I have them.

If anyone has anything else though that they would like to share, please do, as I don’t want to close off this conversation early!