Blockhead: universal browser interface for crypto/DeFi/web3

Blockhead ( is a universal interface for the decentralized web. Track, visualize and explore EVM chains, onchain accounts, smart contracts, blocks, transactions, DeFi apps and web3 protocols (IPFS, ENS, Farcaster and more), all in one place!

It’s designed as a local-first, client-side web app that connects to dozens of existing data sources (including RPC nodes, public datasets, APIs, indexing services and more), which users can swap out on the fly.

While many existing web3 frontends and data explorers rely on one or a small handful of centralized infrastructure providers, Blockhead offers an alternative frontend for existing decentralized apps and protocols that is seamlessly interoperable, easy to interpret, and showcases unique crypto-enabled features such as composability and data provenance.

Blockhead started as a hackathon project at ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline 2020, and has been continuously maintained as a public good open source project for the past four years.


Learn more about Blockhead’s current features on the GitHub repository.


  • 30+ data providers integrated (Airstack, Alchemy, Chainbase, Chainlink, Cloudflare, Covalent, Decommas, ENS, Etherscan, Figment,, GetBlock, The Graph, IPFS, Infura, Lens, Liquality, LlamaNodes, Mod Protocol, Moralis, Nexandria, Neynar, NFTPort, Pinata, Pocket Network, Push, QuickNode, Sourcify, Tenderly, Zapper, Zerion and more)

  • ~400 average monthly visitors

  • 100+ stars on GitHub

Coming Soon

More data sources – integrate with more data providers and indexing solutions for maximum flexibility, redundancy, and transparency

  • Tokens

  • Prices

  • DeFi

  • NFTs

  • Chains

  • Transactions

  • Verified smart contract repositories

  • RPC providers

  • Event signatures

More robust/accurate portfolio tracking:

  • Token whitelists/blacklists

  • Auto-detect networks for a given address based on activity

  • Transactions feed

  • Improved transaction descriptions

  • Table views with CSV/JSON export

  • NFT gallery view with rich multimedia support

  • Dynamic visualizations for token balances, DeFi positions, transaction history and more

Improved Explorer view:

  • Visualizations and human-readable descriptions for common dapp/smart contract interactions: transfers, swaps, deposits, withdrawals, staking, yield farming, minting, burning, governance voting and more

  • Image previews when sharing links on Twitter/social media

  • Interactive Farcaster Frames/Open Frames view

  • Add syntax highlighting for Solidity, Vyper, Yul, Huff and more

  • Interact directly with smart contract methods via ABI

  • Distinguish externally-owned accounts from smart contracts, smart wallet accounts, Safes, proxies

  • Browse transaction traces

  • Browse EVM storage

  • Browse Ethereum Beacon chain data

  • Browse EIP-4844 blob storage

  • Add graph visualizations for token flows and asset transfers

  • Show token stats/market data for ERC-20 smart contracts

  • Browse individual NFTs

  • “Add to Portfolio” button

  • Highlight addresses found in your portfolio

  • Bookmark transactions

  • Add real-time visualizations for blocks, mempool transactions, cross-chain messages, token transfers, and more

  • “Time-travel mode” to visualize state changes and historical data over time

Improved Apps view:

  • Custom interactive UI flows for DeFi actions/protocols: exchanges, vaults, liquidity pools, bridges, and more

  • Generalize the ENS explorer to work with any subgraph from The Graph

  • Explorer for on-chain and off-chain DAO governance activity

  • Lens client: browse, collect and publish posts

  • Farcaster client: browse and publish casts

Accounts, wallets, web3-native authentication, and data portability:

  • Support for Safe, smart contract wallets, EIP-4337 accounts and more

  • Robust support for all common wallet connection protocols: injected EIP-1193, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet SDK, hardware wallets, EIP-6963 provider discovery

  • Authentication/web3 social login schemes: Sign in with Ethereum, Lens, Farcaster

  • Sync data + preferences peer-to-peer across multiple device/clients running Blockhead instances

Granular preferences and data transparency:

  • Choose different/multiple/user-added RPC endpoints and data providers for each chain

  • Networking introspection with data flow diagrams

  • Tag data sources and dapps based on their degree of centralization/decentralization, whether on-chain or off-chain

UI/UX enhancements:

  • Context menus

  • WAI-ARIA compliant components

  • Global Command+K menu

  • AI-enhanced search

  • Drag and drop entities seamlessly across columns and windows to fill form fields and initiate transfers or other interactions

  • Multi-column views to show multiple feeds on screen (similar to Tweetdeck)

Experience Blockhead in more places:

  • Progressive web app support

  • Native iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux apps using Tauri

  • Decentralized frontend hosting/content storage networks: ENS, IPNS, Handshake, Arweave, Akash, Internet Computer

  • Distribution via decentralized app stores, registries, self-hosted platforms and discovery networks: DAppNode, Umbrel, Urbit

Support for more blockchains and digital asset networks:

  • EVM-based blockchains/layer-2s/layer-3s

  • Other blockchain/web3 ecosystems: Cosmos, Solana, Arweave, Polkadot/Substrate, Bitcoin, Filecoin and more


Blockhead is an open source project currently supported by Gitcoin Grants, Optimism RetroPGF and BuidlGuidl.

Funds raised on Octant will go toward hosting costs, data provider integrations, feature development and maintainer compensation.

THANK YOU for supporting open source software, public goods, decentralized apps, delightful UI/UX, and resilient financial & internet infrastructure to last for generations to come! :sparkles:

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