DefiLlama: DeFi data

Project description and why we classify as a public good: We track defi metrics of 4k protocols, our code is open source and we provide free access to TVL data

Main funding sources:

  • By size, Optimism RPGF would be the largest funding source
  • Direct donations (mostly through gitcoin)
  • Some protocol grants
  • Rev-share programs from our meta-aggregator
  • We have not raised any money from investors

Project roadmap:
Maintain data correctness (this takes a lot of time/effort since defi protocols are constantly evolving), expand our API offerings and cover more data types are our main goals. We also plan to launch some other companion products such as llamasearch (an extension to avoid hacks by using our database of websites) but most of our time is spent on data.

We are the main source for defi data, with over 1 million monthly users.

How will money be spent:
It’ll be spent covering salaries and server costs. We commit to not spend any money received from octant for development of our meta-aggregator, instead it’ll be spent on other initiatives like our data work.

Our team is currently ~10 people, most of which is comprised by devs. I’m