Dm3 protocol: because messaging can be a public good

Hello everyone!

My name is Eduardo, and I am the Community Lead of the dm3 protocol. We are excited to share our application with everyone, and we invite you to provide feedback and to ask any questions you may have!

Describe your project and why you classify it as a Public Good

The dm3 protocol is a web3 messaging protocol focussed on secure encryption, privacy,
decentralization, scalability, and interoperability. The lean base protocol is designed to be the
layer-0 for secure and interoperable communication between existing messaging
protocols, services, and dApps and as modular layer-1 messaging protocol for messaging
applications. We are classified as a Public Good due to different reasons like

  1. Tooling: We have built Resolvers for Gnosis, Arbitrum and Optimism. This Resolvers (Smart Contracts) allows to read, retrieve and validate data from any of this networks, saving gas fees for mainnet users.
    This resolvers are already being used by ENS and GENOME project from Gnosis, and they
    are open source, so any dApp in these ecosystems can implemented for their own use cases.

  2. Messaging: We have built messaging components that can be implemented by any dApp that
    requieres safe, private and decentralised messaging.

  3. Open Source live chat: Partnering with another Public Good like Streameth, we have built the first fully web3 based Live chat function into live streaming proving the capacity of dm3 to be interoperability beyond chains.

What are your main project funding sources?
Grants funding

How much have you raised from each of your funding sources and from who?

  1. Optimism Governance fund: 50k OP
  2. ENS: 60k USDC
  3. Gitcoin grants: 10K
  4. Gnosis Grant: 30K
  5. RetroPGF 2: 10k OP RetroPGF 3: 20K OP

Our Roadmap

What milestones have you achieved?

We have developed the following open source and public goods tools and implementation:

1.ENS resolver for Optimism (The resolvers can be used by any application to save user gas
fees while storing and reading data off mainnet).
2. Gnosis domain service Genome resolver.
3. Arbitrum Resolver.
4. Live chat fully web3 based used in EthPrague, DevConnect and EthDenver.
5. Release of the NPM Package for messenger widget.

Tell us more about milestones you’d like to achieve
We would like to create the following tools for the messaging ecosystem and/or any app that
needs similar solutions:

  1. Group chat function.
  2. AntiSpam protection.
  3. Mobile app.

All this would be chain agnostic with the proper documentation for anyone to implement it.

Funding Goal and Budget:

Tell us more about your team:
Our team is a diverse team from Mexico, Panamá and Germany, lead by: Steffen Kux (CEO)
previously in As a mathematician, Steffen has >20 years of experience in method and
software development as well as project lead and product manager. In 2017 he started to
implement web3 technology for real-world applications as developer, project lead, and CPO of In 2022, he co-founded Corpus, a venture studio for web3 applications. As one of the
partners, he took over the management, coordination, and spin-off of dm3.

The rest of the team members are: Heiko Burkhardt (CTO) Eduardo Vega-Patiño (Community Lead)
previously in: TEC Commons, ENS, Akasha Barcelona. Mayra Castillo (Community manager)
Alex Plutta (Software Engineer) Maletish (Developer)

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals)

We have received grants from ENS, Optimism, Gitcoin, and Gnosis. Those grants were
dedicated to developing other parts of the DM3 protocol and/or integration into other
ecosystems (like Optimism, and Gnosis). ENS supported the core development of the CCIP
resolver technology which became the base for evmgateway. The DM3 main repository
(GitHub - dm3-org/dm3: The dm3 protocol | New standard of web3 messaging | Decentralized ENS-based registry | Secure end-to-end encryption | Easy dApp integration) has been cloned about 1375 times now. Also, the newly released NPM package is available for anyone.

Why’s your project important?
The DM3 protocol is a lean messaging interoperability protocol, which can be used as a layer-
O messaging protocol to connect existing solutions and as a layer-1 messaging protocol to be
used as the core protocol for messaging solutions. It is scalable by design as well and allows
full decentralization. DM3 is open-source and a public good, meaning every project compatible
will be able to use it as they see fit. We provide documentation accordingly and the
possibilities are endless. Also, our project not only makes interoperability communication
possible between apps but also between different networks and domain services. We are
improving the sylos problem that current web2 messaging solutions have while also
maintaining the ethos of web3.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
We are a small team trying to make solutions for something basic in web3: communication.
We still haven’t crack it as a community but we believe that we may provide tools that are
open source and public goods that can help us pave the way towards innovation and less
friction on the messaging ecosystem.

What can the Octant team help you with?
Feedback would be amazing! Also, open to bring dm3 to the Golem Network, or even provide
a in-messaging option for the octant app.

How do you define impact for your project? What metrics are you tracking?
Currently we define the impact by the amount of implementation and integration that our open
source code has had.

Share your project impact metrics and results
Our code have been currently implemented by: 1. Genome (Gnosis domain service) 2. ENS
(evmgateway) 3. MASQ Web3 Browser 4. Arbitrum 5. Streameth (Streaming service for
EthPrague, ETHDenver and DevConnect) 6. Gatewayfm Since it’s a messaging integration,
there is no dashboard or on chain impact metrics available due to the nature of the protocol:
active users of the previously mentioned protocols can be using our protocol.

What’s your project’s Twitter handle?

GitHub Link:

Project Website:

Team Social Accounts:

Telegram Contact: vegayp
Wallet Address: dm3.eth

if you have read all this way down, thank you!

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