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Project Description is an open-source, transparent, and user-friendly donation platform that allows projects to crowdfund on Ethereum Mainnet, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Celo and Ethereum Classic. It supports the work of web3 & real-world impact projects, with zero fees on donations and no intermediaries. Giveth promotes philanthropy with innovative web3 donation features such as donor rewards, decentralized project curation & quadratic funding. Currently, nearly three thousand projects are raising funds on Giveth, ranging from feeding the homeless to building open source software.

Giveth’s goal is to revolutionize the funding of public goods, helping nonprofits evolve beyond sacrifice-based systems into ones that benefit all parties involved. Through Giveth, impact projects will eventually be nurtured into DAOs with regenerative economies, thereby transforming the Giveth DApp into an impact investment hub for public goods. Our roadmap is set up to gradually empower nonprofits with web3 tech by giving them access to new chains, new ecosystems, new fundraising tools, and ultimately aims to give them their own economies by introducing Gurves - bonding curves collateralized by GIV.

Classification as a Public Good

Giveth exhibits several characteristics that qualify it as a public good:

  • Open Source & Radically Transparent: All our code, development and work as a DAO is completely open and forkable. Our calls take place in open discord channels and are streamed live to YouTube. Our goal is to build in public so that anyone can learn from or improve upon what we’ve built.
  • Free for Donors & Project Owners: Anyone can create a project on Giveth in minutes and start raising funds for their for-good initiative. Donations are completely P2P - with no intermediaries or platform fees - funds go directly from the donor’s wallet to the project’s.
  • Globally Accessible: Giveth is home to projects all over the world - from land stewardship projects in Latam to educational programs in Africa. The platform is available in 3 languages, and we are working on adding more. Our goal is to connect projects and donors on a global scale.
  • Community-Driven: We actively seek to involve our community in our evolution. We run an ambassador program and use Praise to reward decentralized contributions to our development, communications and growth.
  • Verifying Projects: Giveth offers for free a system of project verification, wherein we investigate and validate if a project on Giveth is verified public good and, in particular, providing free value to their communities with a history of impact. This means that donors can trust that projects are who they say they are and they are making a real, verifiable impact.
  • Giving Back: We take supporting public goods one step further by giving rewads to donors to verified public goods projects on our platform.

Giveth is - in essence - a public good that supports other public goods. We are community first, open source, globally accessible, and on a mission to reward and empower those who give.

Main Project Funding Sources

Giveth is an open source zero fee platform that has been around since 2016, sustained without any VC investment. We are actively working to create sustainable funding mechanisms and are heart-set on creating economic models instead of extractive models. Our funding to-date has come from (in order of impact):

  1. Donations
  2. Application-based grants and RetroPGF
  3. QF rounds
  4. Dev work for third parties

Team Information, including backgrounds and roles

Giveth’s core team comprises around ~15 full time members, bolstered by over ~30 dedicated contributors who share a deep passion for our cause. Notable team members include:

  • Griff Green, a co-founder of Commons Stack, Giveth, General Magic, and DAppNode, is a prominent figure in the Ethereum community and a top steward in various Ethereum projects.

  • Lauren Luz, Giveth’s product lead and communications advisor, known for spearheading major Giveth initiatives and campaigns. She’s a visionary leader in the Giveth DAO and a problem-solving advocate.

  • Cherik, Giveth’s Lead Front-End Developer, has been instrumental in enhancing the front-end design of Giveth products.

  • Almond focuses on community building and communications, strengthening Giveth’s connections and outreach.

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals)

Giveth has been around since 2016 and has a very strong reputation in the space. We’ve had strong representations at various conferences including this past year’s EthDenver, ETHBarcelona and Devconnect Istanbul. You can find more info through our site, socials or github, linked below:

Instagram: Giveth Io ( • Instagram photos and videos
Github: Giveth · GitHub

Discord Contact


Eligibility Criteria

  • Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. every open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative technology and sharing results publicly? Yes!

  • Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used? Yes! 50% of the funds will be used to fuel quadratic funding rounds on Giveth (i.e. will be used to match donations to public goods projects on our platform). The other 50% will be used to pay salaries of our team so that we can continue building and improving our donation platform, and supporting our community.

  • Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)? Yes! All donations made through our platform are P2P, on chain, with zero intermediaries.

  • Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects? Yes!

  • Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project? Yes! Links above.


Hey everyone! We are so excited to be included in Epoch 2, and are equally excited to share an update of our progress since having received funding from Octant. The funds from Epoch 1 were split 50/50:

  • 50% went to our donation.eth multisig for use as matching funds in quadratic funding rounds on Giveth
  • 50% went to paying the salaries of our team so that we could continue to maintain and improve our platform & products.

The next sections provide a breakdown of the impact of that funding.

Recent progress & Use of funds

Quadratic Funding

Part of the funds from Octant (from Epoch 0 and Epoch 1) have been used to co-sponsor 2 QF rounds on Giveth. The first one is completed and matching funds distributed, and the second one is ongoing!

Giveth Optimism Round (October 9-23, 2023):

  • Matching Pool: 25,000 DAI
  • Donations: $23k from individual donors
  • Engagement: 125 projects, 388 donors, 1,728 donations
  • Co-Sponsors: Charlie Feng, Auryn Macmillan, Aragon Project, Public Nouns & Octant App
  • Octant App Contribution: ±$16.7k USD, creating almost triple the impact

Giving Season QF Round (December 19, 2023 - January 2nd, 2024):

  • Matching Pool: 25,000 USDGLO
  • Co-Sponsors confirmed: Octant App, Public Nouns & Glo Dollar
  • Octant App Contribution: ±$17.9k USD
  • Since this round is ongoing, engagement & donations are TBD.

Enhancements to Giveth Platform

Other progress made by our team recently, thanks for funding received from Octant is as follows:

  • Wallet Connect v2 Integration: Completed and launched, improving UX & streamlining our dApp for mobile users.

  • Collaboration with IDriss: We integrated IDriss to enable donations to Giveth projects through Twitter/X & include them in our QF rounds.

  • Multilingual Platform Optimization: To improve accessibility, we built a feature that allows Giveth to appear in Spanish (or Catalan) if the user is connecting from a country that uses that language.

  • Launch of ‘Gurve’: Our first GIV-backed bonding curve, a big leap towards supporting nonprofits in regenerative economies.

What’s on the roadmap

In the new year, we hope to continue running QF rounds on Giveth, creating a bigger impact for the public goods projects raising funds on our platform. In addition, we are actively working on the following improvements to our dApp and making steady progress:

  • Multisig Enhancements: Making it smoother for Safes to interact with our dApp. Expect features like making donations, curating projects with GIVpower, and creating unique Giveth profiles for multisigs.

  • Improved Sign-In Flow: We’re streamlining the process for users signing into Giveth profiles from non-EVM chains, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

  • Expanded Wallet Connectivity: Expect broader compatibility with various web3 wallets through Wallet Connect, ensuring everyone can access Giveth easily.

  • Account Abstraction Integration: Get ready for a game-changer with social login, social recovery, gasless transactions, and more! This feature is set to revolutionize how nonprofits interact with Giveth.

  • Giveth APIs: We’re opening up new possibilities for external projects to interact with Giveth. This means you can make donations and create projects outside of our UI, broadening our ecosystem.

  • Email Service Migration: To keep our communication smooth and efficient, we’re upgrading our email services. This will ensure better and more consistent communication with our donors and projects.

Grant/donations funding

Since the last epoch we have gotten funding from:

  • Gitcoin grants: $±1k in donations and ±$5k in matching in the web3 community and education round.
  • ENS Small Grants: 5 ETH * 2.
  • Donations to Giveth directly: ±$500 since Nov 2.
  • Got awarded (but not paid out) a milestone-based grant of $22.5k from Solana, dedicated to funding the integration of Solana on Giveth, and it will be paid out once the integration is complete and a donation threshold on Solana is reached.
  • Got awarded (but not paid out) a milestone-based grant of $20k from Superfluid, dedicated to integrating Superfluid for “recurring” donations to projects on Giveth, which will be paid out once completed and a usage threshold is reached.
  • Got awarded (partially paid out so far) a milestone-based grant of $20k from Ethereum Classic, to integrate ETC on Giveth.
  • Applied for Optimism Retro PGF, with no result yet.

Other sources of funding

  • Revenue from QF rounds: $2500 (+ $2500 to be paid out at the end for the Giving Season QF round)

Learn more about Giveth

A big thank you to everyone who’s part of the Octant Community. Your support is shaping the future of giving!


Hey folks!

Thanks to a great suggestion from @mat7ias, I’m sharing here a link to the Giveth forum. Our salary payments & reimbursements, results from QF rounds and more is posted throughout the forum, so if you want to dive deeper into what we are up to, it’s a great place to go.

Please feel free also to leave a comment in here, or contact me Lauren Luz on Telegram, if you have any specific questions.

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