is the foundation of impact measurement(Voice what matters to fund what matters from the ground up)


We are embarking on a journey to identify the true needs of communities, focusing initially on Africa. We use on-chain metrics to assess and select stable and valuable public goods projects in emerging markets. Our approach balances grassroots community needs with the top-down availability of resources, aiming to achieve sustainable project funding. Our scalable methodology in resource allocation serves as a foundation for measuring impact. A pilot program will begin in West Africa on April 10th, setting a benchmark for subsequent initiatives in other regions.

We seek to collaborate with the Octant community on this initiative. This partnership will not only enhance brand visibility in emerging markets but also position Octant as a symbol of hope. Together, we can support communities in prioritizing and addressing critical areas.


There exists a global gap in resource coordination. Contributors are often unclear about how to effectively support emerging markets or assess the impact of their contributions. Simultaneously, communities from emerging markets struggle to communicate their needs in a measurable way, leading to a cycle of poor coordination and wasteful resource allocation.


Our solution involves directly identifying community problems through engagement with the communities themselves. We will identify widespread issues, address them, and transparently monitor progress. Starting with an understanding of local conditions, we will enable communities to propose their own solutions.

Experiment Resources:

  • Regional project manager
  • Sample community
  • App for creating viable proposals
  • Budget for community proposals post-voting
  • Budget for assessing experiment viability

Steps to Implementation:

  1. Assign a local project manager familiar with the region’s language and culture to lead the experiment.
  2. The project manager will organize in-person meetings to explain the process and guide community members in using the app to generate solution-oriented proposals. These meetings will occur in various locations within the target country.
  3. Conduct a voting period of approximately one month to select preferred community projects.
  4. Partner with the Open Source Observer to perform a feasibility analysis of the chosen projects.
  5. Implement a direct grant round using the alloy protocol, dependent on the projects’ viability and available budget.

Treasury Implementation:

As part of this experimental approach, we encourage the Octant community to vote on resource allocation from the treasury to the top-ranked projects. This could be implemented via platforms like Tally or Jokerace:

  1. Direct funding from Octant community funds to Impact Voice, allowing projects to receive full funding upon achieving their initial milestones. This raises questions about the sustainability of Impact Voice without additional funding.
  2. After the initial funding disbursement, the remaining funds in the Impact Voice Treasury could be staked to generate additional resources for future rounds after final milestone completion.


We are prepared to expand this initiative globally through the Greenpill Network Chapters. Potential next regions include Brazil, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Uganda. These areas could serve as prototypes or benchmarks for other network states to engage with on-the-ground communities with identified needs.

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