Token Engineering Commons - Sustainable & Ethical Design for Token Ecosystems

Project Description and Why It’s Classified as a Public Good

TEC is dedicated to advancing the state of token engineering by integrating cutting-edge economic models and simulations into the Public Goods ecosystem. Recognized as a public good, it fosters trust in blockchain technologies through transparency and innovation, benefiting the entire community without direct financial return. By facilitating practical applications like dispute resolution, programmable contracts, and economic simulations, TEC contributes to a robust, equitable, and efficient blockchain Public Goods infrastructure.

Main Project Funding Sources

  • Community Contributions through Gitcoin Grants Rounds and the TEC DAO “hatch”
  • Grants and partnerships with leading Web3 foundations and DAOs like ENS

Seeking Project-Specific Funding or Funding for General Operations

Seeking funding for project-specific operations, primarily for the sponsorship of a TEC QF round

Project Roadmap and Milestones

  • QF Round Sponsorship perks
    • Brought to you by the TEC and “X” branding
    • Prominent Branding on TEC Grants Portal
    • Branding on all campaign communications
    • Co-branding on TEC profile banner on Twitter/X during campaign
    • Featured Speaker at kickoff Twitter/X Space (Optional)
    • Featured in Token Engineering as Public Goods events series
    • TEC “Co-Sponsor” NFT

Funding Request and Budget

  • Total Funding Request: 31.5k
  • Breakdown:
    • 25k
    • QF Operations: 4k
    • QF anti-Sybil: 2.5k

Team Information

  • @gideonro Gideon - Former Microsoft and social tech entrepreneur; now strategy and partnerships for TEC
  • Nate - TEC Coordination Team, Writer, Contributor, Researcher, TEC steward.
  • Bear - TEC Coordination Team member, organizational development & finance.
  • Griff Green - Co-founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, Praise, General Magic & DAppNode; Top Steward in ENS, Gitcoin, Optimism, Arbitrum, TEC as well as many other Ethereum community projects.

It is worthy of note that the TEC does not have founders. It was born out of a partnership between Commons Stack and the token engineering community. Collaborative decisions were and continue to be made by the community. We developed a methodology, we call Economic Co-design, that educates the community about decisions to be made and invites open participation in those decisions. This methodology was used to decide on the parameters of the TEC economy including the mission, vision and values, the Hatch, Conviction Voting.

Social Credibility

  • $470K in grants successfully distributed by TEC to date.
  • Recognition from running the last three Gitcoin Token Engineering Grants Rounds.
  • Notable GitHub contributions to cadCAD and Inverter repositories.
  • First DAO to ever be economically designed by the community-First DAO to ever use an Augmented Bonding Curve (Similar to the one used by
  • Truly a DAO, when the token holders vote, the transaction is executed, no need for multisigs or legal entities in the middle.

Discord Contact

  • Parrachia


Do you have a commitment to open-source technology and sharing results publicly?

Yes, our GitHub contributions under OSI-approved licenses showcase our commitment to open-source and public sharing.

Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?

Our budget details funding use, including $25k for QF operations and $2.5k for anti-Sybil measures, ensuring clear transparency.

Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy?

Our work in token engineering advances freedom and privacy, with no involvement in surveillance or personal data handling.

Are you supporting decentralization in various fields?

We support decentralization through Web3 projects and partnerships with Web3 foundations and DAOs.

Have you provided social media channels for project verification?

Our social proof is confirmed by our grant distribution history and recognition in Gitcoin Grant Rounds, with team presence on social platforms.