BanklessDAO [Global Education and onboarding for CryptoNatives]

Project Name: BanklessDAO

Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good:

BanklessDAO has a proven track record of funding and producing high-quality educational content, enabling individuals to understand and embrace the concepts of web3 and decentralized technologies. Since its inception, the DAO has provided more than 200 million BANK to fund several educational initiatives and onboarding activities.

The DAO offers a DAO crash course for people to learn how to DAO while learning about crypto. Guilds in BanklessDAO serve the function of onboarding new members through experiential learning, empowering them to take leadership roles, maintain project documents, write grant proposals, and participate in governance of the guild and the DAO. Many BanklessDAO members have found full-time jobs in crypto or have started their own crypto startups around the world.

Main Project Funding Sources:

Gitcoin Grants, Optimism RPGF, Project kickbacks, Native Token

Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations:

We are seeking funds to fund our DAO project operations and will be first received by the governance department (0xCf3efCE169acEC1B281C05E863F78acCF62BD944) and distributed as follows:

Project Address Votes Allocation
Bankless Africa 0xCA27C5813c314586434512ab139Cad96F6b71750 44 18%
International Media Nodes 0x09cA8B48A2b4d468daC43806751e2e3a1Fc08A31 42 17%
Bankless Academy 0xf80Cd14ec747b2AdF7B1A9911b38c65a885dAeeA 35 15%
Bankless Publishing 0xf15414F8f8684F0C80866E074b8DF53d098689db 34 14%
Global Events 0x94D879812bd3f831F4Ad1F82452c58352d3d0596 33 13%
Bankless in Spanish 0x8e3B0600C06bb4b99F5Eab33D3a25E338818fbe2 32 13%
Creator Economy and Moloch Traps Podcasts, by AV Guild 0xE2D721c126150BeEE3C56A1AD71A2E0E29A411F0 26 10%

For more information visit the BanklessDAO forum post here

Team Information, including backgrounds and roles:

BanklessDAO multi-sig

  1. Icedcool: Treasury and Tokenomics Dept lead + Lots of web2/3 dev XP
  2. Links: Grants Committee Lead, Ops wizard
  3. Senad: former DAOlationships lead and sales champion for a DAO service provider
  4. Abovaveragejoe: BanklessDAO evangelist
  5. 0xLucas: BanklessDAO Co-Founder, ex BanklessHQ
  6. Jengajojo: Governance Dept and Global Community building lead
  7. Rowan: Operations Dept Lead

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals):

DAO links:


Discord contact: jengajojo🏴

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. every open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative) technology and sharing results publicly?
  • Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?
  • Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)?
  • Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects)?
  • Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project?