Blocktrend (區塊勢) : Taiwan-based, trusted independent media dedicated to Web3 education since 2017

Project Description

Blocktrend is a Taiwan-based, trusted independent media dedicated to Web3 education since 2017. We have played a vital role in enhancing the Taiwanese community’s comprehension of crypto. Through our original content (available in both Chinese and English), podcasts (in Mandarin Chinese), and gathering events, we have successfully simplified intricate blockchain concepts and fostered increased participation in Web3.

Why it’s classified as a Public Good

All of our podcasts and English content have always been free to consume and openly accessible. Our Chinese content is currently in a transition period. It started with a subscription model in 2017, but we are in the process of gradually removing the paywall by 2025, making all of our Chinese content available for free.

Main Project Funding Sources

Gitcoin Grants, Optimism RetroPGF, Subscription (only Chinese website)

Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations

funding for general operations

Team Information, including backgrounds and roles

Team size: 6 (1 full time, 5 part time including text editor, audio editor, video editor, visual designer and a student intern)

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals)

Discord contact


Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. any open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative) technology and sharing results publicly?

Yes, all of our English articles and podcast content are licensed under CC0, allowing for open sharing and use by the community.

Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?

Yes, we have provided transparency by offering lists and itemized details for public reference.

Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)?

Yes. In our original content, we frequently emphasize the importance of financial freedom and privacy. These are few examples :

Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects)?

Yes, this is precisely what we are engaged in. We strive to present global content related to Web3 and decentralization in a clear and accessible manner for Chinese readers.

Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project?