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:european_castle: BuidlGuidl

Describe your project and why you classify it as a Public Good:

BuidlGuidl is a curated group of builders creating open source tools and educational content.

The main focus is developer growth and mentoring. We build tools and educational content to teach the next wave of builders how/what they can build on Ethereum / EVMs.

  • Tooling: We built and actively maintain :building_construction: Scaffold-ETH-2, an open-source toolkit which allows for rapid prototyping and full scale dApp development on Ethereum.
    We have also lots of handy tools (OSS) created with SE-2 by our community, like Abi.Ninja, Hacked Wallet Recovery, address.vision and others.

  • Education: We provide a free curriculum at :running_woman: SpeedRunEthereum.com. A hands on, guided series of challenges to learn how to code and deploy smart contracts all while receiving the assistance of our community. We also conduct monthly batches with developers who have just finished SRE, in which we encourage teamwork and collaboration among them, developing a group project. Also lots of content in youtube, like BG Labs, Web2 to Web3, BG Episodes, among other video series, and IRL talks and workshops in ETH Global, Edcon and other events.

  • Small Grants We have different funding mechanisms to support high-impact devs, like BuidlGuidl streams, Cohort Streams towards a common objective, Ecosystem impact grants and BG Community Grants.

What are your main project funding sources?

Grants funding.

How much have you raised from each of your funding sources and from who?

  • Ethereum Foundation: We received ~700ETH from the EF over the last couple of years, which we “passed through” as Small Grants to high impact devs.

  • Optimism RPGF2 (221k OP) and Optimism RPGF3 (227k OP), which we’re using to fund our Cohorts.

  • Gitcoin Grants #20: 12k USD

Are you seeking

Funding for general operations(a little) and passing through to small grants to high-impact devs.

Has your project launched or planning to launch a token?


What milestones have you achieved?


  • SpeedRunEthereum challenges are up to date with Scaffold-ETH-2 recent features.
  • 3500 Builders passed at least 1 SRE Challenge
  • 1100 Builders passed SpeedRunEthereum and joined BuidlGuidl community
  • 1131 Builds created by BG members
  • 6 monthly batches
  • We just launched BuidlGuidl youtube channel with a new Bow Tie Friday format and new BG Episodes video series. Previous youtube material was in Austin Griffith channel


  • Scaffold ETH-2 reached 1000 stars and 657 forks on Github.
    • (predecessor to Scaffold-ETH with 9000 stars and 3500 forks)
  • SE-2 recent features:
  • Abi.ninja recent features:
    • Added proxy contract support
    • Added Heimdall rs for unverified contracts
    • Dark mode

Small Grants

  • 773 ETH Streamed with BG Streams && grants
  • 13 cohorts with 87 hackers, and 219 ETH streamed to them.
  • We just launched https://grants.buidlguidl.com/
    • 33 BG Community Grants (19 completed and 14 active)
    • 135 ETH to Ecosystem Grants

Share your project impact metrics and results


  • 3500 Builders passed at least 1 SRE Challenge
  • 1100 Builders passed SpeedRunEthereum and joined BuidlGuidl community
  • 1131 Builds created by BG members
  • 6 monthly batches completed
  • 18K subscribers in Youtube
  • 4.6k monthly visitors to SpeedRunEthereum website.


Small Grants

  • 773 ETH Streamed with BG Streams && grants
  • 13 cohorts with 87 hackers, and 219 ETH streamed to them.
  • 33 BG Community Grants (19 completed and 14 active)
  • 135 ETH to Ecosystem Grants

Share your project roadmap, tell us more about milestones you’d like to achieve


  • Scaffold-ETH 2 next milestones
    • Move CLI to a separate repo (instead of a SE-2 branch), and rebuild it as a “Toolkit creator”
    • Introduce first curated package to new CLI ⇒ The Graph
    • Allow third party extensions in our CLI, announcing the standard they must follow to work
    • Set Foundry as default blockchain development framework in Scaffold-ETH 2.
    • Create our own external extension to use it as showcase example for other devs to develop their own extensions SE-2 CLI - compatible
    • Add automated testing
  • Other tooling
    • Keep improving our current tools to increase the impact and usage
    • Support the creation of new tools from BuildGuidl community members


  • More medium-to-hard curriculum. Create new challenges focused on specific areas of the web3 tech tree
  • Add more tasks to our monthly batches
  • Keep creating content for BG Episodes and keep polishing the new format of Bow Tie Friday
  • Increase the number of devs who go through SpeedRunEthereum and Batches each month

Small Grants

  • Give more small grants with https://grants.buidlguidl.com/ and polish the grant loop process.
  • Shift from generalist BG Streams to Cohort Streams to be more objective-oriented to increase the impact from dev efforts.

Funding Goal and Budget

The goal of the funding is:

  • Give more small grants.
  • Dev streams (BG + Cohorts).
  • Talks, workshops, Youtube content and newsletter.

Tell us more about your team

Sometimes when a builder comes through our system they want to stick around and help out.
We have a handful of devs, designers, etc that are working to help Buidlguidl have the most impact in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Why’s your project important?

We help developers at multiple stages through their dev journey. At first we give you all the a-ha moments in a condensed curriculum. Then, we give you the tools and mentoring to ship dapps. Finally, we provide small grants to keep you shipping and contributing to Ethereum.

What’s your project’s Twitter handle?


GitHub Link

Project Website:

Team Social Accounts

Discord Contact


Telegram Contact

Wallet Address

(safe.buidlguidl.eth on all EVM networks)

Anything else you’d like us to know?

We love ethereum and we strive to be a public good; helping developers learn, build, and thrive.

What can the Octant team help you with?

Offering guidance through the Epoch and keeping us in the loop of feedback.

How do you define impact for your project? What metrics are you tracking?

  • Tooling impact
    • Number of stars, forks, npm downloads of Scaffold-ETH 2
    • Usage of the tools/products created with SE-2
  • Education impact
    • Builders completing SpeedRunEthereum
    • Builds/Prototypes created by builders
    • Number of views of our educational content
  • Small Grants
    • ETH streamed to ecosystem builders
    • ETH streamed to cohorts
    • Number of Small grants and amount granted
    • Dapps built by devs educated with SRE that eventually get users

Share your project impact metrics and results

Impact Link 1: GitHub - scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-2: Open source forkable Ethereum dev stack

Impact Link 2: Plausible · speedrunethereum.com

Impact Link 3: https://buidlguidl.com/

Impact Link 4: https://grants.buidlguidl.com/

Impact Link 5: https://www.youtube.com/@austingriffith3550

Impact Link 6: https://www.youtube.com/@BuidlGuidl

I confirm that my project has/is:

  • Commitment to open-source technology and sharing results publicly
  • Determined to provide transparency about how exactly funding will be used
  • Advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)
  • Supporting decentralization in various fields (for example, building a Web3 related project)
  • Social proof, being recognizable in the area the project is being developed in

I confirm that my project is not a:

  • For profit project
  • Financial (lending, investing, trading) product

By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and understood our Octant privacy policy and agree to its terms

  • I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I understand that any false statements or omissions may result in the denial of proceeding in the project’s Octant funding application.

  • I give the Octant team permission to reach out and get in touch using the contact information provided.