DeSci LATAM: Connecting Latin American Science with Blockchain Innovations

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Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good

DeSci LATAM is a public good with a mission to promote the advancement of science in Latin America, by bridging the gap between the scientific community and the blockchain ecosystem. Founded in June 2022, DeSci LATAM aims to make the knowledge of decentralized science (DeSci) accessible in Spanish and Portuguese. We achieve this by organizing events, producing educational content, and seeking to collaborate with universities and research centers. Our resources are freely accessible and address critical issues in Latin American science such as funding, visibility and resource scarcity, fostering collaboration and innovation for the greater good.

Main Project Funding Sources

Gitcoin Grants and QF ETH Bogotá

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##Seeking Funding for:
Project-specific funding
Funding for general operations

Token Launch: No

Project Roadmap:

Milestones Achieved:

  • Organized the first DeSci LATAM event in Buenos Aires.
  • Co-organized an event in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Participated in a DeSci panel at ETH Brazil.
  • Presented at Vitalia, discussing DeSci and our activities.
    More information about our milestones: Changelog

Tell us more about milestones you’d like to achieve

  • Increase the creation and distribution of educational content about DeSci.
  • Side event at ETH Argentina: DeSci DAY Argentina 2024 (August)
  • DeSci LATAM Virtual Conference (September)
  • Presence at major events like ETH Chile, ETH Argentina, ETH Uruguay.
  • Include the DeSci category in hackathons.

Funding Goal and Budget:

Our aim is to raise $20,000 to cover the cost of organizing events and producing educational content. The funds will be allocated as follows $6,000 for content production 10,000 for events 4,000 for team and staff expenses

Our Team:

Brenda: Virtual and in-person event host, networking, and design.
Nahuel: Project Manager, development, and technology.
Daniela: Community Manager, Streaming Coordinator, and Event Planning.

Laura: Portuguese host and content creator.
Fabián: Content Creator.

Social Credibility:

  • Successfully organized and co-organized major DeSci events in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Invited to speak at prominent conferences such as ETH Brazil and Vitalia.
  • Active presence on social media and engagement with the DeSci community.

Project Importance:

Humanity is facing an evolutionary challenge because science faces many obstacles in its progress. DeSci comes to solve many of these problems, and we aim to raise awareness of these solutions. Our goal is for science to adopt and evolve these solutions, thereby significantly improving the way scientific research is conducted and how it benefits humanity.

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Additional Information:

We are currently working with @crecimiento, a movement of emerging cities, and we are helping in the area of DeSci to support Argentine science.