Gravity DAO: Conflict Management and Trust Creation in the Web3 Space

  • Project Name:

Gravity DAO

  • Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good:

Gravity DAO brings people together around conflict management and trust creation. We carry the flag of prevention and Alternative Dispute Resolution in DAOs, offering Ex Ante and Ex Post comprehensive processes to solve diverse coordination issues in decentralized communities.

We understand that the capacity to overcome obstacles, learn from them, and evolve, is a characteristic of sustainable systems, and we take an active role in supporting these competencies in multiple communities through education, the development of open-source frameworks and processes, and the provision of professional services to look for solutions between conflicting parties.

We have been working for 3 years now, with transparency and accountability over the treasury, using Dework, with more than 200 tasks reviewed to over 30 contributors.

We contribute to the public good through research, continued education activities, development of the common ground between soft sciences and Web3, open-source social tooling and content creation, transparent management of resources, and supporting the development of standard DAO practices for healthy communities.

  • Main Project Funding Sources:

We’ve managed to grow as a DAO thanks to diverse Grants, Like, our foundation proposals to the TEC, a grant from Aragon, and our latest Optimism RFP. We also participate actively in donation platforms like Gitcoin & Giveth.

  • Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations:

In this grant, we’d like to request support for both project-specific funding and general operations.

We want to deliver a new cohort of Graviton Training, facilitating 6 weeks of live sessions on the Octant Discord server, inviting anyone in the space, but especially all the Octant and Golem Foundation community, to learn about conflict management and promoting strong relationships, lower barriers of participation, incentivizing efficient communication, feedback loops and evaluation.

We propose to complement our free online course with 12 live meetings (2 per week for 6 weeks) that will be 1 hour long, recorded and shared with Octanct, with the intention of:

** Help contributors incorporate conflict management into their everyday lives, promoting a healthy environment for the organization.
** Identify a group of enthusiasts who can become Gravitons: agents for deep listening, mental health awareness, emotional support, de-escalation, and dispute administration inside the community.

Some of the Frameworks we like to cover on our training are:

** Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
** Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
** Process-Oriented Psychology - Deep Democracy (DD)
** Serious Play - Liberating Structures (LS)
** BATNA and negotiation strategies
** Ho’Oponopono Healing practices
** Cynefin Contextualization for decision making
** Mental Health and Individual wellbeing
** Elinor Ostrom’s Principles for the Commons, and more…

Each week, we’ll distribute a POAP to the people who participate in the calls, and at the end of the training, the ones with 5+ of them will receive a special NFT that testifies to the time and effort given to studying conflict management and gaining tools to manage complexity, to promote smooth, respectful interactions within DAOs (example of Graviton certification)

Gravity DAO will offer continued support to these new Gravitons and to the community even after the end of the training, as we understand that it will be an introduction to many new concepts and tools that need practice and follow-up to be incorporated and familiarized by the individuals and its community.

After the successful delivery of the training, and only if the KPIs and milestones objectives are met, we’d like to request a small bonus of completion to support our general operations. Running with grants can make it so that there are periods between proposals where it is difficult to reward the team, so by delivering a quality educational product to Octant, we want to secure the work needed for our short-term future and sustainability.

  • Project Roadmap and Milestones (only for project-specific funding):
Action Item Source of Truth Deadline
Coordinating and planning the live training curriculum Deliver a proposal with a rich educational offer. October 2023
Metric: Forum Post
Start of the live sessions Weekly meetings happening on the Discord server. November 2023
Metric: Number of recordings
Delivery of at least 10 of the 12 planned spaces - There is always a margin of error according to the short execution time of the proposal - End of Season Report covering events, links, evidence, learnings, and a self-reflection analysis. January 2024
Metric: Forum Post
Engage 10 or more new Active Gravitons: conflict workers in your community, receiving a generation POAP for attendance of at least 5 of the 6 weeks. Individual Addresses with 6+ weekly POAPs. January 2024
Metric: POAPs


A) Initial coordination and start of the execution of the training.
Reward: 6 ETH (expected on November 2023)

B) End of the training and delivery of the final report.
Reward: 9 ETH (expected on January 2024)

C) Bonus of excellence for general operations: Only if we manage to get 10+ new Gravitons, deliver all the scheduled meetings (12), produce a detailed report of the proposal, and facilitate all recordings to produce evergreen content for the community.
Reward: 3 ETH (expected on January 2024)

The base of the proposal is for 15 ETH. And if we manage to achieve the bonus, it can reach 18.

  • Funding Request and Budget (only for project-specific funding):
ETH Concept
6 To the coordination team, who shall prepare and plan the 12 live sessions, confirm availability with the facilitators, connect with the Octant team to tailor the training to identified needs, and care for the delivery of the spaces. This includes the elaboration of the final report and the full availability of the team during the execution and its follow-up.
6 To the makers of the training, Who are experts in their fields that will deliver meaningful educational experiences to the community.
3 For costs on Gravity DAO’s internal operations related to the training. Development of designs, communication strategies, and additional continued education activities.
3* Bonus For Gravity DAO’s future general operations. If the training is successful, with this bonus we’d like to include baseline consulting on conflict management, proposed next steps, and full availability on additional tasks that may emerge related to the development of the impact created by the proposal
  • Team Information, including backgrounds and roles:

Our team has consistently displayed dedication towards Open Source Work by creating free content that is forkable and adaptable to any organization that decides to get inspired by it.

We have a small team of 5 core contributors that run operations, outreach, platform maintenance, treasury management, communications, and coordination, and around 25 contributors that become a support and advisory network. We like to connect with friends who are experts and collaborate.

We met each other Online, Zeptimus, and Juan were stewards of the TEC, Durgadas was also a contributor during the Hatch, Cultural Build and Commons Upgrade of that community, Bianca joined the crew after the First Graviton training, and Nikola started contributing after the third Graviton training. We support each other and we’ve developed a good structure where each one has agency to lead, but is also a team player.

** Juan Carlos Bell: Political Scientist, in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Before contributing to Web3 I worked at universities, facilitating coordination of academic programs. My first DAO was the Token Engineering Commons, where I was a Community Steward, and started incubating Gravity DAO. I also support on the Ethereum Colombia Community.

** Bianca: Psychologist, a researcher for Universidade da Brasilia, and Manager of coordination in Gravity DAO. Intrinsic interest in Mental health and ecosystem feedback loops

** Zeptimus: Economist and DAO player. Treasury manager of Gravity DAO. General Magic Contributor, Intrinsic interest in Transparency and accountability.

** Nikola: Development consultant. Expert in sales and Negotiation. Mediator and Community Lead in Giveth.

** Durgadas: Yogi, Polymath. Operations manager. Platform maintenance and sysadmin.ás-/á-4b497844/

  • Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals):

At this point, we have mediated over 35 conflicts in DAOs and trained more than 50 “Gravitons” to be active ambassadors within public goods communities such as TEC, Giveth, Commons Stack, Trusted Seed, Aragon, and Optimism. We want the Octant to host the next generation of Gravitons!

Free Online Graviton Course:

Graviton trainings on the TEC:

Graviton training RFP on Optimism RFP: Code of Conduct Enforcement Solution · Issue #2 · ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions · GitHub

POAPs: (5 Training cohorts on Juankbell’s address) POAP - Bookmarks for your life

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. every open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative) technology and sharing results publicly?

Yes. All our work is forkable and open source.

  • Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?

Yes. As detailed above. If we manage to receive other tokens from our funding streams we’d use them first to reward our team, instead of ETH, as we see it as a valuable asset over time. But if it’s needed, we might either sell or lock some ETH to cover the costs of our operations.

  • Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)?

We have a Hubspot that only the Gravity DAO team can see, where people can request support on conflicting issues.

We had an old Typeform that was on a Commons Stack account, and moved intentionally to our own Hubspot to provide more safety to our users.

We care for the trust that is deposited on us by the parties that request our services, and uphold the values of safety, compassion, inclusion and self determination.

Gravity DAO does not generate plutocracy or centralization of power, as we act only as facilitators, and our actions are not meant to accumulate power or influence on the outcomes of the cases we participate in.

On Github:

We keep a registry of the cases we have managed ( sensitive info is removed to care privacy) Issues · CommonsBuild/Gravity · GitHub

We also have transcripts of past Graviton trainings recordings

  • Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects)?

Yes. Our conflict management cycle for DAOs promotes decentralization, as we don’t get involved in the outcomes of the disputes, and we can mediate cases, but we prefer to facilitate support with education and training for the application of our processes, allowing conflict management to be done and accessed by any active member inside the community. We don’t solve disputes in a centralized way and we encourage solutions to emerge from the parties involved. We are also contributing to many web3 projects, supporting the cross-pollination of experiences and knowledge with DAO2DAO, and healthy standards.

  • Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project?

Gnosis Multisig on Mainnet eth:0xfFbD35255008F86322051F2313D4b343540e0e00

Hello everyone in the Octant Community!

With this post, I’d like to open a temp check for feedback so that Gravity DAO is able to participate in Octant’s Epoch 2.

From the previous round, we must admit that during the allocation window, our team didn’t shill as much as we would have wanted, as we were far from making the initial threshold and had some members taking time off, making the attention of our small team to be dispersed between the metaverse.

We would like to have another opportunity, to show the essence of our project with proper activities for the Octant community and share our work around conflict management and trust creation.

We would like to give a free sample of our Graviton Training during December of 2023, by organizing two live meetings on the Octant Discord server:

a) One with a presentation around conflict management, and why is this important for Web3 projects led, by Juan Bell, political scientist, MgSc in Alternative Dispute Resolution Gravity presentation - Google Slides

b) And another one facilitating a simulation of a conflicting case, where we will roleplay and showcase different scenarios and look for solutions to a real-life situation. For this activity, our team will be supported by some of our friends who are experts on Liberating Structures

If we manage to make it to Epoch 2, we commit to making a strong shill of both Octant and our project, both in Octant spaces and our own.