Gitcoin: Continuing to Fund What Matters

About Gitcoin

Gitcoin is one of the longstanding players in the Ethereum ecosystem and is best known for Gitcoin Grants, our public goods funding program.

Since 2017, Gitcoin has been building tools that enable communities to build, fund, and protect what matters to them. As of January 2024, Gitcoin has run 19 rounds of its QF grants program, distributing over $60M to early-stage builders and other grantees, creating a significant impact across the broader Web3 landscape.

Achievements since last Octant Epoch:

Upcoming milestones on your project roadmap:

  • Partner with Octant to redirect funds from Epochs to joint Community Round Initiatives with the launch of Octant’s Community Fund.
  • Shift the core focus of Gitcoin Grants back to OSS. This was an intentional move to deepen our investment in what we believe is the most meaningful role that our program can play in Ethereum’s growth.
  • Drive new and interesting development activity on top of Allo Protocol. The recently announced Gitcoin Whitepaper describes this more.
  • We are launching a Conviction Voting mechanism very soon on Allo Protocol!

How funds from the previous Epoch were utilized:

  • Epoch Zero funding continues to fund open-source projects across Gitcoin Grants!
  • Epoch 1/2 funding to fund joint Community Round Initiatives with the launch of Octant’s Community Fund.

To Date Project Funding Sources:

We have received funding from Optimism RPGF, Ethereum Foundation, Vitalik Buterin, and fundraising through various NFT collections, in addition to the support of different donors who have also contributed to the gitcoin over time gitcoin.eth matching pool.

Comments and questions are welcome! Thanks to this community for the continued partnership and support!


I’m really excited about this piece! How this shapes out remains to be seen, but I imagine some great things will come from it.


I am looking forward to seeing how Gitcoins move to a more decentralized community round could have more cross over with Octant and their community rounds. Lots of synergies to be had and the potential to fund ‘the mid-tail’ that then helps fund more long-tail projects.

In my opinion, Short-mid-long tail projects (taking from Carl Cervone) can also be viewed as an :infinity: loop

They feed into each other because often what brings quality people into the ecosystem is a random side project, and a year or 2 later that person might be supporting a short-tail project. I am here writing this comment as someone who came in on a long-tail project.

Gitcoin opening up the community rounds to be community-led, and Octant running more community round initiatives - its got the workings of something really cool