Proposing Gitcoin Tools for Enhanced Funding Mechanisms in the Octant Community Fund

Hello Octant Community,

We are thrilled to see the recent announcement regarding the Octant Community Fund and the availability of 50 ETH in grants across various categories. The commitment to continued growth in our ecosystem and supporting public goods is truly inspiring.

As we look forward to this exciting opportunity, I propose further integrating the advanced funding tools provided by Gitcoin to enhance our grant allocation processes. Specifically, we encourage you to consider Gitcoin’s Quadratic Funding (QF) and EasyRetroPGF for upcoming community fund rounds.

These tools complement the existing direct grants via Charmverse, introducing innovative funding mechanisms that could significantly benefit the community.

Why Quadratic Funding?

Quadratic Funding (QF) is a powerful democratic funding mechanism that allocates resources more equitably. It amplifies the community’s voice, allowing the collective preference to drive funding decisions. This method offers several advantages:

  • Increased Community Engagement: Encourages active participation from the community, making everyone’s contributions count.

  • Fair Distribution of Funds: Ensures a balanced allocation, favoring projects with broad community support.

  • Support for Diverse Projects: Enables funding for many initiatives, including smaller, impactful projects.

Why EasyRetroPGF?

EasyRetroPGF (Easy Retro Public Goods Funding) simplifies the process of retroactive funding, focusing on rewarding projects that have already delivered value to the community. This approach can:

  • Incentivize Successful Projects: Recognizes and supports projects with significant impact.

  • Encourage Continuous Contribution: Motivates ongoing efforts and contributions to the ecosystem.

  • Streamline Funding Processes: Provides clear criteria for funding based on past performance and outcomes.

Proven Partnership and Track Record

Our previous collaboration with Octant has been immensely fruitful. As detailed in Gitcoin: Continuing to Fund What Matters, we have successfully directed funds from Octant Epochs to shared Public Goods Initiatives. This partnership has leveraged our experience and tools to support impactful projects, showcasing the potential for even greater achievements through these novel funding mechanisms.

Next Steps

I encourage the Octant community to explore these tools further and consider a pilot implementation in the next funding round. Together, we can drive innovation and ensure our community fund achieves its full potential.

Feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged!



Thanks @Sov for sharing this. I’m really intrigued by the idea, especially doing an easy retro round for Octant. Are there examples of communities that have already run this? Maybe which have shared any insights that could strengthen the ‘sell’ of us running a round our selves?

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Sure, sharing prominent examples from the recent cohort. I think all of these would be happy to serve as references for their experience.