Pairwise: Simplifying Choices, Amplifying Voices

Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good:

Pairwise is an open-source dapp that streamlines community decisions and aggregates these choices into clear recommendations. By converting subjective preferences into objective outcomes, Pairwise minimizes the cognitive burden of traditional voting. It stands as a decisive effort to redefine digital democracy.

How does it work?

Organizers can set up a space and initiate a vote, presenting users with a straightforward choice between two options. Instead of overwhelming users with myriad choices, Pairwise breaks it down: Is spending 10k on fireworks a good idea? Maybe. But when asked to choose between spending 10k on fireworks or food, the decision becomes clearer. By the end of the process, you’re left with a ranked list, complete with percentages, reflecting collective preferences. The underlying algorithm draws inspiration from the ELO system used in games like League of Legends. For a deeper dive into the algorithm, refer to the Colony paper.

How does it support Public Goods?

Pairwise, being free and open-source, stands as a public good, enhancing decision-making in public good DAOs and projects. It’s universally accessible and complements other governance tools.

Use Cases:

  • Grant Proposals: For organizations swamped with grant requests, Pairwise streamlines prioritization by comparing potential impact and feasibility, optimizing funding allocation.

  • Community signaling: Beyond just voting, Pairwise offers decentralized curation.

  • User Research: DAOs can employ Pairwise for a playful “hot or not” style feedback on designs or features, capturing community preferences efficiently.

Video Demo

If holding ETH on a wallet can play with it and rank the best anime!

Main Project Funding Sources: It’s only being funded by grants

  • ENS Small grant Public Goods round 5 ( 1 ETH )
  • ENS Small grant Public Goods round 7 ( 1 ETH )
  • ENS Small grant Public Goods round 9 ( 1 ETH )
  • Gitcoin (1.5k USD )
  • Optimisms RPGF ( 7805.18 OP )
  • Optimisms grant ( 95K OP locked )
    • The allocated funds are not intended for this specific roadmap. However, elements of the operational proposal could potentially be repurposed, thereby conserving resources within the overall budget.
  • Dorahacks (0.64118904 BNB + 1000 USDT )

Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations:

Specific funding

Project Roadmap and Milestones (only for project-specific funding):

Funding Request and Budget (only for project-specific funding):

We’re requesting $20,000 to successfully complete Milestones 1 and 2, producing a game-changing product. Pairwise It’s a step towards enabling digital democracy. The last three milestones focus on making it fully decentralized and establishing a public good space for communities to engage in governance.

Team Information, including backgrounds and roles:

  • @FreshelleT - Treasury and contract engagement
  • @markoprljic - Design lead. Head of Design and Business Developer at General Magic. “Magic Marko” is a top notch designer and has been practicing his art on web2 and web3 projects for over a decade.
  • @moe_nick - Project Manager. Products & Fintech Enthusiast. Product Manager, ex-MyDigipay, ex-Tadbirpardaz, ex- Finnotech
  • @pourcheriki - Developer. More info: Github Lead Front-End Developer. Cherik has been leading the front-end design on a variety of products and features in the Giveth Galaxy for the last 2 years.
  • @amin__dev - Developer. More info: Github Software Engineer/Developer/Architecture Lead Developer at Giveth
  • @VitorMarthendal - Magically supports cadCAD and general full-stack development for consumer-facing blockchain-based products: Github
  • @thegrifft - Advisor. Co-founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, General Magic, Dappnode
  • @mathsguy - Maths PhD (Category Theory, String Topology / CUNY), then worked on Ethereum, EthSwarm & Colony. Now playing around with math animations using Manim and learning theoretical CS. Wrote the original paper Pairwise is based on.
  • @kronosapiens - Programmer-at-arms @joinColony, prev. ML @Foursquare Pilgrim. Closet anti-positivist. Arts & sciences. More info: Github Created the initial implementation of Pairwise
  • @gichiba - Technical Writer at the Ethereum Foundation More info: Linkedin
  • @ZeptimusQ - Transparency and accountability advocate. A passionate representative focused on decentralized governance. Fundraising & Business Developer at General Magic.

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals):

Discord contact: ZeptimusQ

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. every open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative) technology and sharing results publicly?
  • Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?
  • Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)?
  • Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects)?
  • Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project?