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ReFi DAO is at the forefront of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) movement, a pioneering force dedicated to leveraging Web3 technologies to regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems and foster economic systems that prioritize ecological and social well-being. By fostering a global network of regenerative founders, investors, builders, and enthusiasts, and embodying the principles of open-source technology, transparency, and decentralization, ReFi DAO acts as a catalyst for change, driving the Web3 movement towards creating sustainable, inclusive, and equitable economic systems.

Our Mission and Contribution to Public Goods

ReFi DAO is dedicated to regenerating the Earth and revolutionizing how communities interact with finance and technology. Our core mission revolves around developing public goods for the ReFi ecosystem—tools, knowledge resources, and community networks—that facilitate the growth of ReFi and regenerative practices across the globe. These resources are designed not only to support the ReFi ecosystem’s immediate needs but also to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience.

A Global Network: Since inception in January 2021, ReFi DAO has rapidly evolved into a global community, with over 80,000 downloads of the ReFi Podcast across various media platforms, more than 100 events hosted in 58 cities, and a substantial online following. By consistently publishing informative content on the ReFi DAO Blog, we continue to educate and inspire both global and local ReFi communities. Our media network is a key public good for the ReFi ecosystem by facilitating knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation across diverse geographies and cultures.

Empowering Localized Impact through ReFi Local Nodes: A cornerstone of ReFi DAO is the establishment of ReFi Local Nodes. These nodes are vibrant, community-driven platforms that empower localized environmental and social regeneration projects. By providing tools, funding, and support, we empower communities to implement solutions tailored to their unique contexts, driving meaningful change from the ground up.

So far, we’ve allocated over $55,000 to ReFi local nodes, particularly in marginalised and underserved areas. You can check out the funding allocation results here: ReFi Local Nodes 2023 - Round Results & What's Coming Next? This investment has enabled the launch of 30+ local nodes that are directly impacting thousands of people across the globe with improved economic opportunities and access to sustainable resources. Check out the full impact report of Local Nodes in 2023 here: Regenerative Journeys: ReFi Local Nodes 2023 Roundup.

2024 Objectives

In 2024, ReFi DAO is recirculating around 3 key objectives, as follows:

Key Objective 1: Empower and Expand the Global Network of ReFi DAO Local Nodes

Key Results:

  1. Successfully conclude our Local Node Beta Incubator program by Q2 2024, aiming to support the launch and development of new local nodes focused on specific environmental or social impact goals. See here: Welcome to the Local Node Beta Incubator! 🌱
  2. Formally establish and onboard 50+ local nodes with tailored support agreements by Q4 2024, enhancing global outreach and impact.
  3. Collaborate with partners such as Celo Public Goods, GreenPill Network, Spark Eco/Deresy, and others, to develop and deploy a custom hypercert minter tool by Q4 2024. This tool should improve user experience (UX) and streamline the process for minting hypercerts across all Local Nodes, enabling a decentralized and transparent approach to contribution and impact tracking of Local Nodes.

Key Objective 2: Enhance ReFi DAO’s Governance, Legal Framework, and Operations

Key Results:

  1. Draft, finalize, and ratify the ReFi DAO 2024 constitution with at least 80% community approval by Q3, laying the groundwork for formalized, transparent and inclusive DAO governance.
  2. Complete partnership between Trusted Seed and their Regen Score product to develop and implement a robust Reputation Points system that enhances reputation, governance, contribution accounting, and incentive dynamics across the global ReFi DAO network by Q3 2024. Also including integration with tools such as Hats Protocol, Coordinape, and Ethereum Attestations to effectively manage the points-scoring process at scale.
  3. Formalize legal arrangements for ReFi DAO and align the technical strategy for DAO operations & governance with best practices, ensuring compliance and scalability.

Key Objective 3: Deploy MVP of the ReFi Passport

Launch a ReFi Passport MVP this year. Our vision is to become the daily habit for regeneration in web3. This dApp will aggregate key behaviours across keystone ReFi projects into a single interface. Users can collect stamps, gain perks, earn rewards and get access to exclusive in-person and online events. With a mobile-passport solution, we want to enable Local Nodes to launch membership programs to create decentralized regenerative societies in startup cities around the world. Like CabinDAO but for regenerative experiences, we want to enable urban leaders across public, private and third sector to experience the power of regeneration first-hand through a mobile experience that draws them deeper into the ReFi & Web3 ecosystem with every daily interaction.

Key Result: Build on-top of existing technologies and solutions to deploy a ReFi Passport MVP to to test, learn and demonstrate initial traction. In partnership with Trusted Seed, we can create a dataset of on-chain ReFi actions that can appear on a custom Regen Score dashboard designed specifically for this purpose.

Funding Goal

We are aiming to raise a minimum of $50,000 this year to reach the above milestones and objectives in 2024. Funding from Octant would allow us to build on ReFi DAO’s strong foundations and realize our vision of a global network society to regenerate the earth.


Our core team currently consists of four key people (Monty, Anna, Scott, Luiz) but is also supported by a global network of contributors from around the world.

Monty (Merlin) Bryant (Linktree) - Founder at ReFi DAO, board member at Trusted Seed , steward at Celo Public Goods . TEDx speaker ‘Can Crypto Regenerate the World’.

Anna Kaić (Twitter , LinkedIn) - ReFi DAO marketing manager and currently leading the Local Node Beta Cohort & Incubator Program. She has been in the blockchain-for-good space since 2021, working on marketing and communications for projects like Proof of Humanity, the Crypto Commons Association, MetaGame and Urbánika. She is currently a scholar of SheFi Season 10.

Scott Morris (LinkedIn) - Currently co-leading the Local Node Beta Cohort, Scott is a political economist and economics systems engineer operating at the intersection of capital, currency, and collective consciousness. He utilizes an interdisciplinary, systems approach which focuses on stakeholders and structural incentives relative to behaviors and outcomes, and draws on deeply specialized knowledge in regenerative finance and complementary currencies.

Luiz Fernando (Twitter) - Founder & lead of ReFi Barcelona, steward at Trusted Seed, operations lead at ReFi DAO.

Why is this project important?

ReFi DAO stands at the intersection of technology, finance, and ecological sustainability, driving forward the mission to regenerate the Earth while fostering a fair and inclusive economic system. Our project is important for several reasons:

  1. Addressing Environmental Challenges: In the face of escalating environmental crises, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, ReFi DAO supports tangible solutions through regenerative finance. By leveraging blockchain technology, we facilitate investments in projects that have a direct positive impact on the environment, encouraging practices that restore rather than deplete natural resources.
  2. Promoting Economic Inclusivity: Traditional financial systems often exclude marginalized communities, limiting access to funding for projects that could benefit both the environment and the community. ReFi DAO breaks down these barriers, offering a decentralized alternative that empowers individuals and communities worldwide to participate in the financing of projects that align with their values and needs.
  3. Innovating for Sustainable Development: Our commitment to developing public goods and supporting the ReFi ecosystem with tools and resources underscores our role in innovating for sustainable development. ReFi DAO’s initiatives, such as the ReFi Passport and the support of Local Nodes, provide the infrastructure and network necessary for the widespread adoption of regenerative practices.
  4. Fostering Community Empowerment: By building a global network of ReFi Local Nodes, we enable localized action and decision-making, ensuring that solutions are tailored to the specific needs and contexts of communities. This grassroots approach not only amplifies impact but also strengthens community cohesion and resilience against environmental and economic challenges.
  5. Leading a Cultural Shift: ReFi DAO is at the vanguard of a cultural shift towards sustainability, regeneration, and decentralization. By championing regenerative finance, we advocate for a future where economic activities contribute to the healing of the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our work inspires and mobilizes a growing community of individuals and organizations committed to making this vision a reality.

Project Links & Resources

Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blog, ReFi Podcast


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