Trustful Reputation System

Trustful is a reputation system made by Blockful

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Trustful: Reputation Aggregator System


Trustful is a Reputation Aggregator System leveraging EAS and the Grants Stack to enable communities to create custom reputation scores to value the efforts or expertise of their members, serving as a customizable multiplier for governance votes or matched donations on funding rounds.

What it does?

Trustful allows users to easily bring their deeds to on-chain attestations in a format that supports broad usability and to use those attestations to receive attestation scores custom for each community or use case.

Users mainly follow two separate journeys in the system to achieve those goals:

  • Issuing Badges: Working as a custom interface for EAS it allows users to verify badges they have on other reputation systems through our system and issue an attestation to prove that ownership
  • Creating Scores: Users can create their own “Scorers”, selecting any amount of badges and attributing them a multiplier value. Those scorers generate an attestation to an address with a given score number, but can also be queried through an API to be used for off-chain systems. Scorers are saved in our system and can be picked from a public list if a user wants to select a previously created scorer for their use case.


Trustful home screen

Simple interface for generating attestations from staple sources of reputation on other systems.

Scorer creation, choosing badges and their multiplier value.

Built by Blockful

Trustful is being researched and built by team. We are currently an official service provider for ENS DAO and have been working on grants, RFPs, and missions on Optimism, Arbitrum, Stellar, and ShutterDAO. Trustful is part of our first batch of products, all focusing on improving coordination through public goods in the areas of AI governance, reputation systems and governance security.

Grants Funding

So far Trustful has only received funding once, 1.8 ETH on Zuzalu Builders Gitcoin round, which allowed us to start the research and design our first MVP.

We are now ready to build the first two MVPs and looking for funding to speed up this development.

Current Development Stage

We are launching our first MVP with basic features for issuing badges and creating scores, with one EVM and one Stellar Network version.

This will help us validate use cases and inform further development. We have completed the product design, mapped necessary integrations, and adapted the MVP for Zuzalu spin-off events and the Stellar network developer quests. The front-end design is also complete for the first MVP.

Upcoming Milestones

In the next few months, we aim to:

  • Finish all integrations with other on-chain systems.
  • Launch a functional dApp MVP on Optimism.
  • Launch a functional dApp MVP on the Stellar Network.
  • Extend our badge system from predefined community badges to custom badge issuance with EAS.

Funding Goals

We seek to raise $80k to speed up our MVPs and fund R&D beyond the two MVPs we are currently working on.


  • danimim.eth as Product Manager
    Marketing Specialist, former NounDAO Brasil member, hackathon winner, writer, and speaker on reputation at ETH Belgrade.
  • alexnetto.eth as Technical Lead
    Smart Contract Engineer, multiple contributions to ENS DAO, multiple hackathon wins, top 7 delegate at ENS DAO.
  • zeugh.eth as Product Designer
    Coordination nerd, DAO Ops specialist, former JuiceboxDAO and Origami member, founder of CanuDAO (RIP) for building DAO tooling.


We are working with and the Stellar network on the design. The product is nearing the end of its conception phase, moving towards its first MVP.

Why Trustful?

Isolated reputation systems won’t enhance coordination. Reputation is a significant challenge for scaling coordination over public goods and their funding. Trustful addresses this by understanding each group’s unique needs while avoiding isolation.

Impact Metrics

Our impact will be measured by:

  • Number of communities using Trustful
  • Total individual users
  • Total different badge types

Contact and Further Information

Feel free to reach out for any additional information or clarifications. Thank you for considering Trustful for funding.

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