Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS)

Describe your project and why you classify as a Public Good?

EAS is an infrastructure public good for making attestations onchain or offchain about anything. It’s open-source, permissionless, and token-free. Learn more about why we exist.

Attestations are simply digital signatures on structured data. From this primitive, we can ultimately decentralize more than just money & assets. We can start to build more trustful interactions online and onchain. EAS runs on two smart contracts. One for registering a schema and the other for making attestations with that schema. Additional utilities extend the functionality while making the protocol highly composable and easy to build upon.

Credible neutrality is incredibly important for the success of an open standard like EAS. Imagine if email didn’t exist today and people were competing to own and monetize the protocol for emailing each other. You’d have separate protocols for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. In this world, no one can email in a standardized way without endless integrations. Imagine… “Do you use gmail? Nope. I use Outlook. Ok I guess we’ll just have to call each other.” Or imagine having to pay a service fee every time you send an email. The email industry would be completely fragmented. We see the attestation ecosystem in a similar way. EAS must be a credibly neutral public good so any entity can make attestations about anything in a more structured way without competing with others at the infrastructure layer. From this infra layer, anyone can build amazing businesses on top while knowing it remains a free and open resource.

What are your main project funding sources?

Grants funding

How much have you raised from each of your funding sources and from whom?

219k OP from retropg3, $30k from Gitcoin rounds, $12k from Base.

Are you seeking?

Funding for general operations

Has your project launched or planning to launch a token?

No. Just burn more ETH.

Share your project roadmap:

Our mantra is, “get builders building faster” and it’s how we prioritize where to focus. Everything we’re focused on this year is to increase the speed from when builders become aware of attestations to building on attestations. In spirit of that, we’re focused on several improvements to the devex for building apps that use attestations faster, and focusing on better ways for teams to coordinate on schemas and composability.

Milestones we have achieved

  • 600k+ attestations made from over 12k attesters
  • Launched several dev tools to make building EASy such as
    EAS SDK for simplifying how to interact with the EAS contracts
    EAS Indexer for indexing attestations that are relevant to you
    EAS API to make it easy to query attestation data
    EAS Explorer for discovering and verifying attestations on the chains you’re building on
  • EAS has been natively integrated into the Optimism Bedrock native code base linked by two predeploy addresses. This standardizes attestations throughout the Superchain.
  • Significant integrations with leading teams like Coinbase Verifications & Gitcoin Passport stamps & scores
  • Launched an attestation fellowship to help promising attestation founders get the right ecosystem support and had over 150+ teams apply for the first cohort.

Tell us more about the milestones you’d like to achieve

We want to get builders building faster by:

  • Improving additional example repos and components that can be easily used by devs in their workflow
  • Continue improving the schema discovery and coordination experiences in our explorer so builders find schemas relevant for their use case
  • Foster a collaborative dev environment for all attestation builders to get the right support when they are going from idea stage to MVP.
  • Continue deploying EAS on chains where builders are building

Funding Goal & Budget:

15 ETH

Tell us more about your team


  • Steve: Full stack developer leading all things technical. Built the first Bitcoin wallet in the browser (kryptokit aka jaxx wallet) and was a part of the founding team of Ethereum.
  • Leonid: Lead smart contract & security engineer focusing on all contract improvements, deployments, and SDK. Opsec expert and former lead at Bancor.
  • Dino: Early Ethereum contributor focused on systems architecture, adviser, and partnership building.
  • Bryce: Public goods builder with some salty dev and design skills leading all product, operations, and growth for EAS
  • Plus 100’s+ of attestation builders in the community

Social Credibility

  • Launched on mainnet at ETHDenver (March of 2023).
  • Since then we’ve heavily focused on the developer experience (SDK, API, Docs, indexer, example contracts, example apps, API, and more)
  • This has led to major adoption of EAS with Coinbase, Optimism, Gitcoin, Arbitrum, Ceramic, Guild, and more.

Why is your project important?

  • It will help the Ethereum ecosystem decentralize more than just money & assets. Attestations are a core lego block for deciding who and what we should interact with online and onchain in a way that doesn’t presuppose WHY we trust something. This is unlocking so many unique use cases and projects that are largely non-financial, such as:
    – Content verifications, impact tracking systems, voting systems, reputation systems, knowledge graphs, digital identity, machine-to-machine attestations, attested data networks, and beyond.
  • Without this layer being a public good, we will continue to see the world fragment and try to capture each use case without a common language for making digital signatures in a more structured way (attestations).

Socials & Links

Team Socials

Telegram & Discord Contact


Wallet Address


Anything else you’d like us to know?

EAS is credibly neutral with no business model. This layer is focused on value creation and not value extraction. We rely on grants and donations to continue stewarding EAS and it’s amazing programs like this, retropgf, gitcoin, and others that allow us to continue making an impact. If we’re successful together, we can truly make an impact on the world using blockchain for higher-impact use cases. This capital gives us a shot to achieve our goals a bit faster. We appreciate you all for building this program :slight_smile:

What can the Octant team help you with?

We’d love to explore with the Octant team where attestations might be useful within the octant ecosystem. This could be a win-win where octant improves certain processes and experiences related to this grants program (impact tracking, verifications, and EAS builds more awareness through adoption with value-aligned teams.

How do you define impact for your project? What metrics are you tracking?

A single attestation from a valued entity can add impact. However, right now we’re tracking impact based on total adoption of attestations made through each ecosystem as a proxy to see which ecosystems are thriving or need more support unlock attestations within their communities.

Share your project impact metrics & results

  • Total Attestations = 600k
  • Total Unique Attesters = 12k+
  • Total Recipients = 305k+

Impact links:

Additional Resources to Check Out

Loom Video - Speedrun EAS: Builder Workshop

Ethereum Attestation Service Explainer - Vaibhav Saini | Co-Founder, OpenSea Pro

ELI5 Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) - Why You Should Care — RYAN Y YI

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Posting an update since Epoch Three!

We officially crossed over 1m attestations from over 14k unique attesters! While to us this is a vanity metric, it still is a fun one to keep track of. Our core focus is on helping builders build faster. We’d love to hear more about ways we can simplify the dev experience from anyone interested in or who has had experience with EAS.

The first-ever Attestation Fellowship officially ended!

The Fellowship had over 155 teams applied from over 40 countries. 13 teams were admitted to the first cohort, and with the help of 18 mentors in the industry, we collectively coached these teams while they built amazing attestation use cases across a variety of use cases.

  • Icebreaker - open professional network
  • CATTS - dev tool for attestation builders attest to computed values
  • Credentials - onchain credit for emerging markets
  • Quickseal - Digital signature platform for legal docs
  • Ethereum Localization Service - decentralized translation network with human/ai attesters
  • Vitro - Attested payloads from authenticated hardware
  • OKcontract - Attested smart contract interactions
  • Astral - Dev tools for location-based dapps
  • Inertia - Community-led prediction market
  • Resolvia - one-click resolver contracts
  • Proof of - Onchain proof of offchain actions
  • Faust - autonomous robot attestations
  • Metrics Garden - public good for measuring impact

Additional Updates

  • EAS core contracts and all tooling have been deployed on zkSync to support additional builders there!
  • We’re supporting the Onchain Summer buildathon to inspire more builders to build attestation-based apps

What’s up next

  • Working on a new way to calculate relative trust in a network that differs from PageRank and eigen trust.

  • A deeper dive into the fellowship program and its outcomes.

  • We’d love more feedback from the community on what would make the dev experience easier when just learning about EAS