Vyper: Pythonic Smart Contract Language for the EVM

Describe your project and why you classify it as a Public Good

Vyper is a contract-oriented, pythonic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). There are over 5000 Vyper contracts deployed across a dozen chains, securing over $2 billion of value. Vyper is free, open-source under a permissive license and usable on all EVM-compatible chains.

What are your main project funding sources?

  • Grants funding and user donations

How much have you raised from each of your funding sources and from who?

  • Optimism RetroPGF Grant 3, 2024 : 250,000 $OP (~$1m at the time of award)
  • Optimism RetroPGF Grant 2, 2023 : 135,200 $OP (~$250k at the time of award)
  • LIDO Grant, 2022: $100k paid in $LIDO
  • Curve veFunder Grant, 2022-Present: 323,926 $CRV (~$400k)
  • GitCoin grants, multiple rounds since 2020

Are you seeking:

  • Funding for general operations

Has your project launched or planning to launch a token?

  • No

Share your project roadmap:

  • Officially release the major 0.4.0 update that will include modules, a new import system, a new IR and many other features to improve developer experience.
  • Further develop the Vyper intermediary language (Venom) to give developers ever more optimized bytecode and reduce contracts’ gas usage.
  • Continue to strengthen the security of the language through close collaboration with auditors, bug bounty programs, auditing competitions and providing better Vyper support to security tools such Slither or Echidna.
  • Improve developer UX through tools such as titanoboa (GitHub - vyperlang/titanoboa: a vyper interpreter) or the Vyper Jupyter Lab environment (https://try.vyperlang.org/) to facilitate thorough testing and quick prototyping
  • Promote Vyper adoption and onboard new developers by participating in major blockchain conferences, organizing workshops, outreach programs and producing more educational resources.

What milestones have you achieved?

  • Vyper is now the second most widely used smart contract programming language.
  • The tooling developed by the team around Vyper has constantly improved, with projects like titanoboa now offering fuzzing, code coverage and gas profiling with faster execution speed than Foundry.
  • Optimizations to the Vyper compiler consistently reduce gas costs and produce binaries that are on average 50% smaller compared to Solidity.
  • Following the discovery of a vulnerability in 2023, the team organized bug bounty programs, security competitions and worked with auditors to thoroughly review the codebase.

Tell us more about milestones you’d like to achieve

  • The official release of the 0.4.0 version of Vyper will be a major milestone for the language, offering more modularity, security and efficiency to users.
  • We hope to significantly increase the number of developers and protocols adopting Vyper and eventually make it the go-to smart contract programming language on the EVM.

Funding Goal and Budget:
We are looking to raise $3 millions USD across all our funding sources, including $1 million from Octant at $250k per round

Tell us more about your team:

Lead Developer: Charles Cooper (charles-cooper (Charles Cooper) · GitHub)
Contributors: fubuloubu (yearn, ApeWorX, fubuloubu (El De-dog-lo) · GitHub), tserg (tserg · GitHub), Harry Kalogirou (harkal (Harry Kalogirou) · GitHub), Pascal Caversaccio (pcaversaccio (sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /) · GitHub), Daniel Schiavini (DanielSchiavini (Daniel Schiavini) · GitHub)

Why’s your project important?

Vyper is the second most popular smart contract programming languages today, used by major protocols such as Curve Finance, Lido and Yearn and securing over $2 billion dollars of TVL.
With faster compilation times and better code output than its major competitors, as well excellent and ever-improving tooling, Vyper is quickly establishing itself as the preferred choice for developers prioritizing security and efficiency in their smart contract development.
By offering a Python-like syntax and integrating with Python tooling such as Jupyter, pip, and pytest, Vyper makes it easy for developers of the 2nd most popular programming language in the world (Python) to transition to web3.

What’s the impact you’ve had, and what can funders expect?

The Vyper team has been consistantly delivering new features and allowing protocols such as Curve Finance to deploy larger, more gas-efficient contracts and to create complex factory patterns.
Vyper’s opinionated approach to language design is contributing to making smart contracts more readable and secure.
Funders can expect the team to continue to deliver major technical improvements to the compiler, better tooling and more outreach activities to promote the language.

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