What Would Ideal Community-Led Governance for Octant Look Like?

Hi James,

Thank you very much for starting this discussion and sharing all the great insights. I’ve been closely following the conversation and I believe the Respect Game provides an ideal approach to community-led governance for Octant.

Enhancing Octant with the Respect Game

The Respect Game is a profoundly helpful consensus game that can enable the Octant community to play a significant role in the operations, design, and strategic decisions of Octant. In addition to facilitating community-led governance, the Respect Game provides a fun way to foster collaborations, promote public goods creators, and fairly award positive impact.

This innovative consensus game could be easily implemented into the governance council and calls that you are planning. The Respect Game is played in live meetings or video calls and it takes about an hour to play. You can see an overview of how the Octant community could implement the Respect Game here. My team has been collaborating with hundreds of builders to refine this game for the past few years and we usually play it once a week, but it could be played just once a month. The game is flexible and can be tailored to suit Octant’s goals.

Community Governance with Fractal Democracy

The Respect Game empowers communities with a revolutionary governance system called Fractal Democracy. The community members who have earned the most Respect by reaching consensus in community events can join a governance council to help lead the Octant ecosystem. Respect is a soulbound token that participants earn by helping Octant and it could be used to coordinate the future of Octant. Alternatively, participants could elect delegates during meetings to represent them in the council. The roles, responsibilities, and powers for this council could be automatically updated onchain with Hats Protocol.

The repeated, communal meetings for the Respect Game provides an invaluable sybil-resistant reputation system and a powerful coordination primitive to support collective human based decision making. It can be used to help make all of the decisions you described regarding Octant’s design, operations, and strategy in a joyful community driven process. The Respect Game is also highly scalable due to it’s fractal nature where participants split up into breakout groups. This enables the Octant community governance to make better decisions with the wisdom of the crowd, run more experiments like mini rounds, and scale to more effectively fund public goods creators.

Additional Incentives

In addition to the prospect of earning Respect and more intrinsic incentives like collaborating with fellow Octant community members, meaningful participation in governance could be further incentivized by rewarding GLM or ETH to participants in Respect Games at Octant meetings. Respect is distributed in a fibonacci ratio to fairly award participants for their contributions and additional rewards could be automatically distributed in the same ratio with a tool like 0xSplits.

Yes. My team and I created Optimism Fractal and Eden Fractal, which are communities with weekly events based around the Respect Game. We’ve hosted over a hundred events featuring the Respect Game with an average of ten participants and have received outstanding feedback from hundreds of supporters. You’re welcome to watch videos of Optimism Fractal meetings and join our weekly events to see how the Respect Game can work in action.

In addition, there are about fifteen projects that have implemented variations of the Respect Game. Our team has worked closely with leading innovators in Genesis Fractal, fractally, Eden Elections, and Psinq to develop variants of the Respect Game for the past three years. The Genesis Fractal had an average attendance of 37 participants as you can see on this dashboard and an Eden Election had almost 200 participants with over a million dollars governed by elected delegates.

All of these projects received excellent reviews and many participants reported life-changing benefits, inspiring countless volunteer hours devoted towards developing these processes. Each project has iterated with variations of fractal democracy for community-led governance that could be helpful for Octant. You can learn more about the history of projects that have developed the Respect Game and similar processes for fractal democracy in this article.

Our team built open-source tools that enable anyone to enjoy the benefits of the Respect Game with their community or organization. The Octant community could use these tools at weekly or monthly meetings to create an ideal community-led governance that supports the Golem Network and public goods funding ecosystem.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I’d be happy to provide more details and help Octant get started with the Respect Game. We’re excited to get more involved in the Octant community and greatly appreciate the support of GLM holders for Optimystics in the Epoch 2 snapshot poll. You can learn more by exploring Optimystics on discuss.octant.app and this article with more details of how the Respect Game could be implemented for the Octant community.

Thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and wishing everyone a happy new year! :smiley:

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