Optimystics: Growing Fractal Communities

Hey Octant community! :wave:t4:

I’m providing a more concise overview of our work, some reasons to vote for Optimystics, an update on our experience + collaborations with Octant so far. We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to hearing your thoughts :slight_smile:

Why vote for Optimystics?

The Octant community should vote for Optimystics because we are providing an essential service for the Golem Network, Ethereum, and everyone in the world. We create open-source tools, consensus games, fun events, exciting videos, and educational content that empowers all communities to thrive.

Optimystics grow communities with the Respect Game, a profoundly helpful consensus game that provides a fun way to foster collaborations, promote public goods creators, and fairly award positive impact. The Respect Game coordinates decentralized, autonomous organizations with democratic decision-making and a sybil resistant reputation system rooted in onchain attestations during joyful events. Anyone can join our events to network with innovators, raise awareness for their work, and earn a soulbound token called Respect. Everyone can enjoy our content (including videos of our events) for free and use our open-source tools to benefit their community or organization.

While we share amazing experiences today, our work provides much needed public goods infrastructure for the future of humanity. After developing the Respect Game for over two years with hundreds of builders, we’re thrilled to share our innovations with the Octant community. We’re now working to help the Octant community achieve it’s goals and are excited to collaborate with more people in the Golem ecosystem. We greatly appreciate your consideration and the support of GLM holders for Optimystics in the Epoch 2 snapshot poll.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Thank you!

Our Experience and Collaborations with Octant

Since diving into the Octant community, we’ve been greatly enjoying learning about Octant and the Golem Network. We’re deeply aligned with Octant’s purpose to advance decentralized governance, promote community engagement, and support public goods projects in the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystem. It’s fascinating to explore the great strides that Octant is making towards these goals and we’re excited to help!

On the day we applied for Octant, I had the pleasure of messaging with @mat7ias during our temp check. His supportive feedback and personal enthusiasm inspired us to get more involved. After lots of studying, we decided to more actively contribute to the success of Octant. Over the holidays I closely read the community discussions in @james’ thoughtful posts about envisioning Ideal Community-Led Governance and finding solutions to the Potential Logjam for Epoch 3. Then I wrote a detailed response about how the Respect Game we’re pioneering could be an ideal approach for Octant’s governance, which you can see here. In addition, we also created an article with some educational resources about Octant and are promoting Octant’s innovations in our social networks. Now I’m looking forward to responding to James’ feedback, updating the article, and sharing ideas to help resolve the potential logjam in the next epoch.

We’re thrilled to be in the company of so many brilliant public goods creators and figured it might be helpful to share some feedback about our experience so far. Thank you so much to the Octant community for the warm welcome and all the amazing work. I’m stoked to keep learning, collaborating, and helping Octant in the coming epochs. Happy new year to all and go Octant! :raised_hands:t4: :tangerine: :pray:t4: