Ethereum Cat Herders

Project Name:

Ethereum Cat Herders

Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good:

The Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) is a community-driven initiative that emerged to support Ethereum developers and the wider ecosystem in various non-technical roles. Its formation in 2019 was motivated by the recognized need for better coordination and communication within the Ethereum community, especially in relation to network upgrades and important decisions.

The Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) can be considered a “public good” project within the Ethereum ecosystem for several reasons:

  • Coordination and Communication: The primary mission of the Ethereum Cat Herders is to facilitate and streamline the coordination and communication between the various Ethereum development teams, researchers, client developers, and other ecosystem stakeholders. Efficient coordination is essential for the successful development and deployment of Ethereum protocol upgrades, but individual projects might lack the incentive or resources to perform this coordination themselves. ECH fills this gap.
  • Neutral Entity: ECH operates as a neutral and unbiased entity. It does not represent any single team, individual, or commercial interest, which allows it to act in the best interests of the Ethereum community as a whole.
  • Transparency: One of the roles of the ECH is to provide clear and consistent communication about Ethereum’s development progress to the wider community. They ensure that decisions, discussions, and processes are transparent and accessible, which is crucial for a decentralized project like Ethereum.
  • Do-Not-Monetize: The functions provided by the Ethereum Cat Herders are essential, but we do not monetize. For instance, while everyone in the Ethereum ecosystem benefits from the coordination of upgrades and hard forks, it’s not a task that directly brings in revenue. Therefore, it falls into the category of public goods, where benefits are spread across the community, and it’s challenging to exclude anyone from these benefits.
  • Funded by the Community: The ECH’s operations are funded by donations and grants from the Ethereum community. This community-backed funding model ensures that ECH remains dedicated to serving the broader Ethereum ecosystem and underscores its role as a public good.
  • Open Participation: Anyone can participate and contribute to the ECH. Our open and inclusive nature ensures a wide range of viewpoints and expertise is considered in their coordination efforts.

In summary, the Ethereum Cat Herders play a crucial role in the Ethereum ecosystem by providing essential services that benefit everyone, but which might not be produced (or would be underproduced) by market forces alone. This positions them as a public good project within the Ethereum community.

Main Project Funding Sources:

The Ethereum Cat Herders are primarily funded by grants and donations from the Ethereum community. This helps ensure they remain neutral and unbiased in their roles.

In the past, we received grants & donations from

  • Gitcoin (Multiple Grant rounds)
  • Moloch DAO
  • Ethereum Support Program
  • CLR Funds
  • ENS DAO Public Goods Grant
  • Octant App (Epoch Zero)
  • Many core protocol developers & community supporters

Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations:

Funding received from Octant will be directed towards, EIP Editing, Educational Content creating - PEEPanEIP, Podcast, documenting notes and website maintenance.

Project Roadmap and Milestones (only for project-specific funding):


Funding Request and Budget (only for project-specific funding):


Team Information, including backgrounds and roles:

  • Pooja Ranjan (Herder-in-chief) Twitter | GitHub
    • Contributor at ECH since 2019
    • Most active in facilitating client devs’ public meetings, notes documentation, upgrade coordination, EIP process information sharing.
    • Host PEEPanEIP series.
    • Community coordinator to onboard protocol contributors.
    • Ethereum Protocol Contributor Group (Women) - coming soon
  • Matt Garnett (EIP Editor) Twitter | GitHub
  • Gajinder Singh (EIP Editor) Twitter | GitHub
    • Mainly focused on reviewing EIP-Core, & EIP process
    • Client Dev at Eth JS & Lodestar
  • ZkDoof Twitter | GitHub
    • Wallet Dev meetings (recording mgmt)
    • Ethereum CatHerders Podcast (Editing & sharing on all platforms)
    • Other technical support
  • George Twitter | GitHub
    • Contributor since 2022
    • ECH website, Learn2Earn NFT challenge
  • Multiple contributors documenting public meeting notes, video editing and other ops work.

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals):