MetaGame: A Massive Online Coordination Game

Project Name:


Project Description and why it’s classified as a Public Good:

MetaGame is a Massive Online Coordination Game in the making - a mash-up of a learning platform, a social platform, a freelancing network & an MMO-RPG.

In its current form, MetaGame is a community, an educational platform & a network of DAOs with the goal of onboarding more people into the DAO space & helping more people build successful DAOs.

Everything we do is open source & available for free. Our public goods are our newsletter, our podcast, events, and the platform that acts as a knowledge base & a resource hub teaching people about Web3 & DAOs, with these goals:

  • Teaching people about the good side of crypto & the true potential for impact.
  • Onboarding people interested in contributing to DAOs rather than just degening.
  • Connecting builders to projects & projects to users, through everything we do.
  • Supporting the Web3 ecosystem in its growth.

In its final form, MetaGame is about helping people find the most optimal ways to play life while solving individual & collective problems. A network state about using cutting edge technologies for social & ecological impact.

An alternative, a decentralized socioeconomic system optimized for wellbeing, solving problems, making an impact & helping each other become better versions of ourselves, as opposed to value extraction & profit maximization.

It’s a public good because everything we produce is fully open source. Also because it’s thematically geared towards impact entrepreneurship & helping people level up, both of which benefit the public.

Main Project Funding Sources:

  • Friends & family (Patrons)
  • Grants & donations (MetaCartel, Gitcoin, DAO Drops & Optimism)

Seeking project-specific funding or funding for general operations:


  • Improving UX/UI of MetaGame itself - the web app has been built over 3 years by dozens of volunteers gaining experience & it shows. MetaGame is currently undergoing a huge UX/UI revamp.
  • Continue hosting workshops & panels, and writing DAO playbooks that cover all important areas for building successful DAOs, in collaboration with experts.
  • Start reaching for self-sustainability by implementing token subscription based membership, a primitive that will be useful for other onchain communities as well
  • Matchmaking - a matchmaking system for connecting people to projects
  • Web3 Craig’s list to start aggregating tools & services for web3 builders

Project Roadmap and Milestones (only for project-specific funding):

  • Finish the UX/UI raid by the end of S12 (December 21st)
  • Have all the workshops organized & DAO Playbooks written by the end of S12 (December 21st)
  • Subscription based membership primitive (December-January)
  • Matchmaking system (January-February)
  • Web3 Craig’s list MVP (January-February)

Funding Request and Budget (only for project-specific funding):

$25-50k - the minimum should help us “finish” the UX/UI revamp & produce playbooks covering basics for building successful DAOs. The maximum would make sure the revamp goes great, that we cover everything needed with educational content, and even build some new features including at least 1 useful primitive for the wider DAO ecosystem.

Team Information, including backgrounds and roles:

  • peth - Summoner of MetaGame & member of MetaCartel, Etherean & a DAOist since 2016, writer, podcaster & bizdev
  • Alec - full stack dev with 15 years of experience.
  • dysbulic - Writing code for the last twenty plus years, webpages since the web was a baby, & web3 for about three years have honed dysbulic’s skills as a developer and software architect.
  • Sero - 5+ years experience in web dev. Highly skilled fullstack develop Typescript/JS, HTML, CSS, #1 on Dework, the DAO bounty platform Contributed to 15+ DAOs/Web3 projects Raid Guilder

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals):

MetaGame started as a DAO in 2019, with $5k & people mainly paid in reputation tokens.

Since then, we’ve shipped v1 of the platform, produced loads of content, had hundreds of community calls, organized 4 conferences and onboarded dozens of people to working full time in Web3 - all for ~$300k in total.

Some of the things:

  • MyMeta Profiles (decentralized profiles built on Ceramic)
  • Quest Chains (a decentralized education protocol)
  • The Onboarding Game (a text-based choose-your-own adventure game)
  • ChievMints (a dapp for minting achievement NFTs)
  • MetaGame v1 (all of the above + Quests + MyDashboard)
  • Organized over 100 community calls, mostly with guest speakers & projects
  • Organized 4 conferences & a hackathon, MetaFest Croatia being the latest
  • Got notable advisors such as Griff Green, Michael Zargham & Hanzi Freinacht
  • People created over 1000 decentralized profiles.
  • Shipped over 200 newsletters with 12k subscribers
  • Produced over 50 podcast episodes with 150k listens
  • Onboarded at least 50 people to work full-time in web3.

Links & Resources:

Discord contact:


Eligibility criteriaEligibility Criteria:

  • Do you have a commitment to open-source (i.e. every open-source license accepted by the Open-Source Initiative) technology and sharing results publicly?
  • Have you provided transparency about how exactly funding will be used?
  • Are you advancing values of freedom and privacy (no surveillance and handling of personal data)?
  • Are you supporting decentralization in various fields (for example building Web3 projects)?
  • Have you provided social media channels to the extent that we can confirm social proof of your project?

Got a few updates I thought I should share:

  • We posted our monthly list of updates in the newsletter, including the closer & wider ecosystem
  • We uploaded more of MetaFest talks up on youtube
  • The most important thing to know is that we’re making good progress in preparing for the relaunch of the platform in December

More importantly:

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November - December Updates

Alright, so here’s a bunch of updates:

  • We published 2 more monthly updates - October & November
    • This includes all contributions that happened inside MetaGame
    • Also the news from the MetaAlliance (40+ member projects)
    • And news from the wider DAO space, Web3 & the world
  • We were second most funded on Giveth, got about $5k
  • We finished building The Academy
  • Wrapped up the overall UX/UI revamp, except for a few details
    • Includes the Quests redesign
    • Landing page improvements
    • Rewriting of the onboarding game
    • Redesign of the educational pages & building of The Academy
    • Redesign of the calendar
    • Redesign of the Seeds page
    • Redesign of the signup pages & value prop
    • Reworking of the leaderboard
    • A bunch more smaller things
  • Published a few podcast episodes & the rest of the MetaFest talks
  • Brought 7 speakers to our community calls
  • And most importantly - organized DAOcember
    • Which kind of requires a whole section of its own…

About DAOcember

DAOcember is a virtual schelling point for the people who think DAOs are the future of coordination. This year, it brought together 69 DAO veterans representing 80+ orgs from across the ecosystem, with the goal of educating & helping the new generation of DAOists avoid the pitfalls.

Event Details

  • What: 2 weeks of talks, panels, demos & workshops - all about DAOs
  • Who: Newcomers, DAO summoners, DAO operators & DAO veterans
  • When: December 1st - 15th


Our main goal is to aggregate DAO knowledge & help the new generations of DAOists.It splits into:

  • :white_check_mark: Aggregate: Bring the biggest DAO brains together
  • :white_check_mark: Reiterate: Discuss the past, present challenges & future of effective DAOing
  • :white_check_mark: Onboard: Help newcomers understand DAOs & DAOing
  • :white_check_mark: Accelerate: Help new DAOs get off the ground
  • :white_square_button: Produce: A course fully covering the journey of creating & nurturing DAOs

Stats so far

  • Telegram group & twitter following organically from 0 to 300+ in 2 weeks
  • 69 DAO veterans from across the DAO space presented
  • 80+ DAOs & related organizations represented
  • 100+ DAO summoners & operators signed up
  • Opening day attended by 400+ people
  • 25 hours of great content captured
  • 20+ DAO-building topics covered
  • $1400 raised from the community
  • 300+h invested in production

And if anyone wants to read more about the DAOcember DAO, our plans for the next few months - and maybe join the DAO, you can read more & mint the NFT here.

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December - March Updates

In short:

In more detail

:handshake:t4: Community

  • Hosting DAOcember led to 200-300 new people joining our discord server.
  • QuestChains applications were checked out and approved by peth
  • 3 monthly Seed distributions to the community
  • Cleaning up of the bridgebuilding CRM & continuation of DAO onboarding into MetaGame
  • Massive outreach to past players & newcomers to activate them
  • Booking of new guests & hosting townhalls

Community calls & Hackerspaces :phone:

:cake: Content

:iphone: Technology

  • Finally got our first full time developer/lead dev, thanks to The Octant! :heart::heart::heart:
  • Finished the ComposeDB grant work
  • Avatars and Seed price data on the site now display properly again
  • Cleaned up github issues
  • A bunch of small yet annoying website issues fixed
  • Added Seeds & XP rewards to Quests
  • Global search query bug fixed
  • The MetaLinks project (kind of like Linktree) was set up, with the ability to display NTFs
  • An issue preventing people from completing Playbooks was fixed
  • Display of NFTs broke & got fixed
  • New landing page was designed by peth & deployed by Polimyl
  • Cleaned up & optimized some of the code base, decreased bundle size & increase website load time

:seedling: Growth

  • Did some housecleaning for the next phase, with a review of processes and finances
  • We’ve onboarded JournoDAO to MetaGame
  • We got $25k from The Octant, giving us runway for >3 months
  • We made flyers to pass out during the MetaGame ETHDenver raid
  • The deck to present at the launch was made w/ the roadmap & products descriptions
  • Website analytics reported all time high on the day of the launch & on average a 100% increase

March - April Update

In short:

  • Spent a lot of time ripping out & replacing a bunch of the backend
  • Profiles evolved into their own product, in a fresh non-spaghetti-code repo
  • Hosted 4 Townhalls with 8 guests & published 2 new podcast episodes
  • Organized DAO Spring

In more detail

DAO Spring!!!

DAO Spring is the first DAO acceleration/incubation program, starting this week.

Do you have a…

  • DAO idea?
  • A struggling DAO?
  • A DAO that just got started?
  • A project ready to evolve into a DAO?

Sign up at

:handshake:t4: Community

  • We hosted 4 Townhalls with 8 guest speakers (links for replays below)
  • A bunch of us hit up ETHDenver, did some shilling & gathered leads for new guilds
  • Bard’s Night, a musical hangout in the Discord server was hosted by joseacabrerav
  • New Octos were welcomed and initiated by joseacabrerav and peth
  • New Seed distribution was done quickly by dysbulic
  • We had long, at times heated, discussions on championing proposals & the future of MetaGame

:iphone: Technology

  • Large amounts of work went into the preps for moving the site login and ID over to Wallet Connect (Sero , dysbulic , Udit Takkar )
  • More improvements were made on the MetaLinks project, with work on the landing page, search functionality, Donate Tab, and Guild Tab for Meta Links (Udit Takkar )
  • A lot more work put in to disentangle & make it all independent of Hasura
  • Other updates and improvements to the website included some minor fixes to the MegaMenu, an update to the link for Player membership subscriptions, the return of the Guild signup form, and updates to the sign-up page (Sero , nitegeist )
  • Farcaster Frames, so hot right now. dysbulic , Sero , and crew spent a bunch of hacking on a frame to help a Farcaster user claim a MetaLinks profile.
  • The builder crew put together a Webflow site for DAOSpring (Polimyl , peth )
  • We’re looking at Charmverse to replace Notion for docs management, with dysbulic , Polimyl , and Sero getting things started
  • The Quest Chains mint NFT is working again, go forth and mint your quests (dan13ram , vid )
  • ‘Chievments is modernizing, now with Optimism chain support courtesy of dysbulic

:cake: Content

New podcast episodes:

Other content:

:seedling: Growth

  • We set up a survey to help new contributors get more into MetaGame (joseacabrerav , Omka , peth )
  • We used connections to get early access to YUP for more efficient promo. (Nice work joseacabrerav )
  • Props to joseacabrerav for all the work on booking guests for Town Halls, and for spreading the word on MetaGame across other servers and guilds