Adding changelogs & stats

Octant has probably the best design I’ve seen in any funding app, so it’d be a shame to add more unnecessary stuff - but I can’t help suggesting these two features :joy:

  • Total raised: as more rounds go by, it would be cool for each project to have a stat on how much it raised so far
  • Changelog since last epoch: something less standard that I think could help with accountability - each project having a section listing all the things they’ve accomplished with the funds, since the last round

Super rough mockup:

I really like these ideas! Thanks for sharing. Your first suggestion I believe is a wider ecosystem need in which a registry for all public goods projects seeking funding from any of the platforms can be used. I believe we awarded a winner for this in the funding the commons residency not long ago, but I need to check where the project is, and also check in with others if they are building something similar.

Also, thanks for providing the feedback!! Our team definitely worked really hard on this so the appreciation goes a long way.

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Oh fuck yeah! Please do send it over if you dig it up!
I think both features could be super useful at the ecosystem level. Would honestly love it if more projects were aggregating & publishing their monthly changelogs…
It’s a great way to catch up on projects without spending hours on their discord or going through their pulls on github. Would also help with decision making in PGF because, often when donating on Gitcoin or Giveth & seeing all the same projects as last time, I wonder what they actually accomplished over the past 3 months & there’s really no way of knowing :confused:

Yeah its a good point, I’ll have to ping our blockchain lead, Artem, as he was the one representing Octant at the residency and had direct interactions with the person who was building this.

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