StateOfEth: A dashboard to monitor the state of Ethereum and to promote positive change

What is StateOfEth and how is it a public good?

Ethereum has many centralization vectors and 2nd order attack vectors. It’s our job as a community to protect the network, but it’s impossible to improve or defend against what you aren’t monitoring or aware of. aims to monitor attack vectors and bridge the gap between data and education. It will also serve as a rallying point for the social layer to promote positive change within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The website will be open source, free to use, and provide a free data API for others to consume.

The Team

This projects is being developed by Ether Alpha. Working under the pseudonym Ether Alpha, hanniabu EthStaker steward has a history of developing open source tools and resources. Some notable projects include:

Social recognition: GitHub - etheralpha/references: A list of public references to Ether Alpha projects


There will be an overview dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of the health of the network with ~50 different metrics.

Each metric will have a dedicated page with the following info:

  • Metric description
  • Metric value
  • How the metric is calculated
  • Metric danger/goal levels (if applicable)
  • Metric data breakdown
  • Historical data
  • Data source (multiple if available)
  • Data source methodology
  • Why is this metric important and what are the potential impacts of bad value
  • How to help improve the metric (if available)
  • Additional data/info/tools (if available)
  • Resources (research, tools, other dashboards, etc)

So far I have the following metrics integrated:

  • Node Consensus Client Diversity
  • Validator Consensus Client Diversity
  • Consensus Client Language Diversity
  • Node Execution Client Diversity
  • Validator Execution Client Diversity
  • Execution Client Language Diversity
  • Entity Staking Diversity
  • LST Diversity

In addition to these metric pages, I will also have “initiative pages” to address concerns such as Geth and Lido marketshare. This is what I’ll be working on next before moving on to the following metrics:

  • Solo Staking Marketshare
  • Home Staking Marketshare
  • Hosted Staking Diversity
  • Node OS Diversity
  • Node Count
  • Node Geographic Diversity
  • Validator Geographic Diversity
  • Relay Diversity
  • Block Builder Diversity
  • Non-Relay Builder Marketshare
  • Vanilla Builder Marketshare
  • Inclusion Delay
  • Reorg Occurances
  • Stablecoin Diversity
  • Oracle Diversity
  • Bridge Diversity
  • And many more…

Impact Measurement

The impact can be measured through site traffic and improvements in network health.

While is not live yet, has 7.3k unique users the past 90 days and Prysm marketshare dropped from >60% to <40% over the past 2 years.

There’s many other metrics that deserve the same level of attention, but there isn’t a similar resource available to rally around. aims to provide that.


Funding will be primarily used for my time in developing and maintaining A small portion (<$100) will go towards overhead.

Previous funding:

  • GG18: $386.16
  • CLR Fund: $456.85
  • Donations: ~$50

Total: $893.01

Ask any questions in this discussion forum to learn more

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This is feedback I’ve given in the past on Discord but I’ll share it again here, that it could be better to broaden this project submission to be more general.
I’d say Octant is somewhere between proactive and retroactive funding, so it might increase the likelihood of gathering more votes if it’s more related to Ether Alpha as a whole rather than StateOfEth specifically.

Anyway, glad to see you come through successful in the Snapshot vote. Good luck in the upcoming allocation window!