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TogetherCrew is a community success tool supporting community builders in their day-to-day tasks with insights and automations. We contribute to a sustainable growth of communities without burning out community builders.

We offer two sets of features: Analytics (View your data) and Actions (take actions based on your data). For example, with our dashboard, community builders quickly know who the active members are and spot trends. To bridge the gap between data and impact, we offer several features that build on top of our analytics: smart announcements, reputation NFT, Hivemind (Q&A-bot).

We kicked off our project in May 2022 with a deep dive into community science. This was funded by Aragon. Since then we have continued to fund our efforts through grants (e.g., Aave, MetaCartel, Optimism, Web3 foundation, SingularityNet). Summer 2023 we launched our app, providing analytics to communities on Discord. Since then we have further developed our backend, increasing the efficacy of data ingestion and computation, and added new metrics to our dashboard. We are currently completing a grant by SingularityNet for developing an LLM bot (HiveMind), and another grant by Arbitrum for developing an off-chain reputation score that is displayed onchain (dynamic NFT). As part of these grants we are integrating data from other community platforms (Discourse, Telegram).

We are building TogetherCrew as an open source project, including our metrics. As PhDs and scientists, we know that the data that feeds our algorithm isn’t ours, but is owned by the community. Our vision is to enable communities to build their own mini-apps powered by their own data. To enable this, we are indexing and structuring the conversations that are happening on various communication platforms. In addition to this, our community engagement metrics adopt a human approach, by considering activity over a longer timespan. For example, members do not need to post every day to be considered active. We know that live happens outside of community platforms.

Main Project Funding Sources

We have received grants and completed work for

Project Funding

We are seeking project-specific funding to support the development of a Farcaster pipeline and features. We have two features in mind:

Know your community

This feature is community-leader centric. The admin of the community can turn on this feature, and decides who has access to it. It allows them to

  1. Receive a quick update on what happened while they were away
  2. Get more familiar with members by knowing their interests

This information can be used to develop better resources for the community (content, events etc), spot collaboration opportunities etc.

How we will do this:* We will summarize conversations using the expertise we already developed thanks to HiveMind. These summaries will be send to the user via direct message. The user will decide the timeframe for these summaries, data source (e.g., channel data, channel follower casts, token holder casts), and when the summary should be received. Only admins of the TogetherCrew app will be able to decide the content of the summary and who should receive it.


This feature is community-member centric. It will be available to everyone on Farcaster, but only use data from communities who use TogetherCrew. This is in line with our principle that a user’s data should not be used without their consent.

We will create a frame. This frame provides users with a recommendation with whom to connect with. This recommendation is based on previous casts, and matches users based on their similarity of casts. 6

Roadmap and Milestones

We’re looking for ETH 3 to ETH 5 (USD 18k) in funding to support this development.

Milestone 1: Infrastructure Setup
The pipeline integrates Neynar webhooks, listening to real-time Farcaster events and storing them in a graph database.

Milestone 2: Farcaster Analyzer Pipeline
The pipeline transforms Farcaster data into a data format compatible with the TogetherCrew analyzer.

Milestone 3: Farcaster LLM Pipeline
The pipeline transforms Farcaster data into a data format compatible with the TogetherCrew LLM.

Milestone 4: Community summaries
Design message scheduler and message parameters build bot that sends DC Test bot Deploy bot

Milestone 5: FriendRecommender
Design frame flow + parameters + growth/usage strategy

Team Information

For this project, the following team members will be core:

  • Amin will be responsible for the data analytics and LLM work.
  • Behzad will be responsible for creating the data pipeline: Backend Engineer with over 5 years of expertise spanning IoT, streaming services, and financial social networks.
  • I (Katerina, contact person) and Daniel will be responsible for product development (user experience, research). Cyrille is the tech lead with an eye on making features not overly complex and staying within scope

Our team also consists of a front-end engineer (Nima), marketing lead (Ashish). We are operating permissionless and regularly use bounty hunters for smaller tasks. This has served us well to overcome bottlenecks and onboard new core contributors.

Key team members for this project
Katerina (contact person) - Co-lead TogetherCrew. Ph.D. using social network analysis. Since 2016 she is co-instructing a graduate course on data analytics for HR at Northwestern University. She has also co-organized the Learning in Networks sessions at the International Conference of Social Network Analysis (2018 - 2020), and previously advised a people analytics company on social network metrics. Twitter: Linkedin:

Github: katerinabc · GitHub

Danielo (product lead) - Instigator at RnDAO and CoLead at TogetherCrew. Previously, Head of Governance at Aragon, 8 years experience in Organization Design consulting (clients include Google, BCG, Daymler, The UN, and multiple startups), and visiting lecturer at Oxford University. Twitter: LinkedIn:

Cyrille Derché - Tech lead at TogetherCrew. Bsc. Computer Science. Ex-Accenture, Co-founder and CTO of SaaS company helping medical device manufacturers deliver product data + documentation to healthcare professionals (handling of sensitive data). Builder of products, processes, and teams.

Social Credibility

We have an active Twitter presence with bi-monthly Twitter Spaces. I’m also active on Farcaster, beginning to build our community on it. On Medium we post articles to help community builders, and discuss new features.

Our app is available via
Our code is open-sourced on GitHub.

Discord contact

Katerina (@kbc)

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