the homepage and toolkit for onchain communities

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What is Guild and how is it a public good?

  • Guild is the homepage and toolkit for onchain communities. Designed to automate token-gating and membership management, run quests and campaigns, build Sybil defense, and leverage token rewards.

  • The Guild Model is best described using three primitives: Requirements, Roles, and Rewards.

    • Requirements can be onchain like tokens, NFTs, allowlists, verifiable credentials or off-chain like social identities and activities on X and Discordm already existing roles, and many more.

    • Roles are the unit, making up your guild’s membership structure, which is fully custom to every community. You can port these over for access into any other application.

    • Rewards are a form of access to something or ability to do something. In the form of access: to exclusive groups, content, tools, or means of communication such as Discord, Telegram, Github or Google. In the form of abilities: to be able to claim an NFT, purchase merch or vote on a decision, and our brand new customisable point system.

  • Guild is permissionless, accessible for anyone to build and join onchain communities.

  • At Guild, our goal is to unlock onchain community building at scale with full interoperability for projects between all their platforms for sharing, interactions, and collaboration. Bridging the gap between web2 and web3 landscapes, enabling builders and members to reach their full potentials.

We are seeking funding for general operations.


  • Guild members: We currently have 3+ millions onboarded
  • Onchain Guild transactions: Currently, we stand at 1.2M+ onchain interactions which include Guild Pins, POAP claims and token requirement purchases through Guild.
  • We have achieved 1M+ Pin mints with selected communities in the form of 1-1 limited NFTs to purchase. Details available at
  • Community: Our Guild with 200K+ Guild members.


We aim to allocate resources to expand our toolkit by integrating more projects and networks and implementing new solutions. Also, this grant enables us to onboard more communities, ensuring full customization and dedicated support


We are a team of 27 ambitious builders, working closely together on-site in Hungary. The team came together in real life through family and friendships years before launching Guild, creating a well-knit founding team. With 20 developers and 7 non-tech builders, we work collaboratively in-house as well as with the largest protocols.

We arrived at the social crypto together with a strong vision to build permissionless tooling for onchain communities. We believe that composable data, platform-agnostic identity, and transparent digital economies could reshape our social networks without even realizing it. That’s why we are building in web3.



  • Guild enables onchain community building at scale for every web3-native community.
  • We are iterating together in the space with our biggest partners which allows our way of thinking is to work in a close feedback loop with the largest onchain communities, which brings us an advantage in iterating (not just together but) quickly in this space.

Ask any questions in this discussion forum to learn more or visit our websites and socials!