Why you should vote for B<>rder/ess in the Epoch 3 snapshot

DevTools, Infra, and products outnumber web 3 dev education platforms 9 to 1.

Most web3 Developer programs available today are either not free or are pre-recorded sessions requiring constant updates to keep up with the upgrades in program language infrastructures for writing contracts.

You can take a look at this article and see that only 2 on this list are free

Some developer programs don’t have community learning support structures, mentorship programs, hackathons, or physical touch points like web3 hubs.

Our Solution
Since June 2022, B<>rder/ess has provided in-person web3 developers’ education to youngsters in Universities to learn to write smart contracts and build with different blockchain infrastructures, we’ve taught:

  1. Solidity
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python
  4. Tealscript.
  5. Cairo

And more

We’ve provided in-person physical and virtual training on Blockchain Technology to students in over 8 Universities in Africa through our Web3 Tech Clubs strategy.

In 2022 we got a grant from the Algorand Foundation which enabled us to open and equip a web3 tech hub in Port-Harcourt Nigeria.

This hub has since provided a base point for 6 Cipher Sessions, 300+ dev intakes, and 30+ dev beneficiaries and graduands.

I was on National TV in September 2023 to talk about B<>rder/ess’ work with raising developers for Free and that gave us substantial exposure to have both Private and Public Universities seek collaboration to add Blockchain as a curriculum in the Computer Science departments.

Our goal is to institutionalize Blockchain education in our Universities, and our strategy is simple:

  1. Establish web3/tech Clubs in the university and run virtual cipher sessions.

  2. Host web3 events, bootcamps, campaigns, hacks etc.

  3. Establish a physical Hub in the university and run weekly IRL trainings, hackathons, and accelerator programs for projects and teams that come out successful.

Do this for free, and you’d have students who came to do their BSC education for 4 years, graduating with either:

  • 3 years experience with building in web3
  • an on-chain product with users and teams
  • an innovation like new dev tools, infra or meaningful contributions to OSS

This is why you should vote for B<>rder/ess to be one of the shortlisted 11 projects for funding,
because we’re building the next generation of Dev Toolers, OSS builders, Infra contributors, and Founders.


Thank you :blush:

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