B<>rder/ess Developers Program

:books:About B<>rder/ess
B<>rder/ess is the Tech Not-For-Profit arm of Crypto Smart, aimed at raising 100 web3 developers and web2 tech-skilled young people from the University communities annually for free, to build Web3 products and also help web2 developers transition to web3

We do this by establishing physical hubs, hosting events, providing training, offering mentorship, establishing Campus Tech Clubs and launching tech projects.

Physical hubs: B<>rder/ess will have physical hubs in several African countries that provide a space for developers to learn, collaborate, and network.

The first was opened in November 2022 in Port-Harcourt Nigeria and the next will be opened at the University Of Port-Harcourt Nigeria.

Events: B<>rder/ess hosts a variety of events, such as hackathons, meetups, campus tours and conferences.

Tech Clubs: We set up tech clubs in various universities to foster peer inspiration towards learning and practicing tech skills.

These events allow developers to learn new skills, meet new people, and share their work. They also satisfy the curiosity of web2 developers on how they can transition to web3 and where to access that information.

Training: B<>rder/ess offers a variety of training programs called Cipher Sessions, both online and in person trainings.

These programs cover a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Web design & development
  2. Solidity
  3. Tealscript
  4. Data Science
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Product Management

and a lot of others.

Mentorship: B<>rder/ess pairs developers with experienced mentors. These mentors provide guidance and support to help developers reach their full potential.

:books:Why B<>rder/ess is a Public Good?
Border/ess is a Public Good because we directly impact the students who genuinely want to become web3 devs, we do our work at no cost to the students, it’s 100% Free. We also indirectly impact the Blockchain platforms and communities that sponsor us, some of the devs who come out of our program go on to work in these chains and communities.

:books:Main Funding Source

:books:How much we’ve raised, our funding sources
$40,000 from Algorand in 2022, $6,000 cumulatively from Gitcoin Grants Rounds

:books:Are we planning to launch a token?

:books:Our project roadmap:


  1. To run a B<>rder/ess Community Round on Gitcoin Grants Stacks for our web3 clubs.
  2. Open a 2nd B<>rder/ess Physical Hub in another University with a B<>rder/ess Tech Club.
  3. Build the B<>rder/ess Native dAPP for On-chain education
  4. Strengthen the B<>rder/ess Tech Club Communities
  5. Continue the Cipher session program


  1. Will be updated, but mostly we’d be consolidating on our past activities for future impact.
  2. We’d begin research for DAO processes and creation.


  1. Start off the process making B<>rder/ess Dev an Education Focused DAO
  2. B<>rder/ess 3.0 event

:books:Milestones we’ve achieved?

Our biggest Milestone:
June 2022 We started B<>rder/ess program without any funding and working remotely teaching developers how to build and write codes to create products. We had no funding but we thought “Let’s use what we have, at least we have the internet” and that’s how we started.

Our Second Milestone
September 2022 In September 2022 we got a grant from Algorand, which helped us hold our tech event in November and helped us open our physical developers hub.

We started the B<>rder/ess Volunteer Community

We had the Borderless 1.0 event with over 1038 persons in attendance

We collaborated with our Government’s arm for IT infrastructure, NITDA to bring Blockchain Education to Port-Harcourt City.

We held 2 quarterly Cipher Session

SEPTEMBER 2023 - Kicked Off our Scholarship Program for Students
Announced 500 Tech Scholarship Campaign for the 4th Cipher Session

OCTOBER 2023 - Start of our Web3 Tech Clubs on Campuses
We Kicked off B<>rder/ess Tech Clubs in 8 Universities in Nigeria We started a state-wide campus Tour for B<>rder/ess Developers’ Program in Rivers State, partnered with Campus Clubs, and Created web3 Tech Clubs through the results from the Campus Tours.

NOVEMBER - B<>rder/ess 2.0 Web3/Tech Event

DECEMBER - Byte 11:23 Hackathon Activities

JANUARY 2024 - Graduation Ceremony

:books:Milestones we’d like to achieve


  1. Run a Borderless Community Round on Gitcoin Grants Stacks to fund our Web3 Tech Clubs in 8 Universities to carry out Web3 Education Activities and open a physical hub in their schools.

  2. Build the Border/ess Native dAPP for EduFi in web3.

  3. Strengthen the B<>rder/ess Tech Club Communities and grow those communities by 50 active participants each.

  4. Open a 2nd B<>rder/ess Physical Hub in the University of Port-Harcourt,


  1. Q3 Goals are about consolidating our activities and processes, reviewing the past 6 months and building on them.

  2. 3 Months of research and experiments on the best practices to make B<>rder/ess an Education DAO.


  1. Start the process of making B<>rder/ess Dev a DAO
  2. Hold B<>rder/ess 3.0 Event

:books:Our Funding Goal and Budget:


The B<>rder/ess team

Our team is made up of a Business Developer;
1 Admin
2 Product Designers
2 Solidity Tutors
1 Cyber Security Tutor
2 Web Design and Development Tutors
1 Head of Tech
1 Data Analyst Tutor
1 Teal Script Tutor
1 Volunteer Lead
1 Social Media

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals)
Thankfully we’ve been documenting our Progress Report for the Past 2 Years, and we posted it [here.

Our 2-year progress report is here, it has everything on our activities.](B<>rderless Developers Program (A 2 Year Progress Report 2022 -2024) - 👋 News and Community - Gitcoin Governance)

Why’s your project important?

Short Version📝
B<>rder/ess Developers Programme is important because it will produce the next generation of competent web3 developers and builders who will build OSS solutions, dApps, Infra, DAOs, Social Learning Programs and tools for web3 and Public Goods.

Long Version📗
Developer Education for Building - We’re solving the problem of Developer dearth in Africa by raising developers from University campuses with the technical expertise to build commercial and public goods products in the Web3 ecosystem.

Talent Discovery and DevRel solutions - We’re solving the problem of talent discovery on campuses, our primary focus is university campuses in Africa, and with our program, we’ve been able to get students to learn about not just web3 but also how to use solidity and build with it.

Young Developer Community Growth in Africa - We solve the problem of Decentralized communities for web3 developers and tech enthusiasts on campus, we’ve created 11 campus web3 clubs since our last cipher session, that’s under 1 quarter, and these clubs are thriving and learning about web3 and onboarded to become developers.

Physical Touchpoints in web3 - We solve the problem of little availability of physical hubs, We have a system for decentralized hub creation in schools, that easily reaches, trains and onboard new developers and users of web3 technology from the campuses.

Project Links
What’s your project’s Twitter handle?


GitHub Link

Project Website

Team Social Accounts:

  1. KarlaGod - Team Lead https://twitter.com/_karlagod
  2. Primidac - Lead Tutor, Full stack -https://twitter.com/primidac
  3. Annabel - Administrator - https://twitter.com/annabelallison3
  4. Samuel Ayo - Head of Tech - https://twitter.com/Adedayosamuel75
  5. Ebube - Junior Dev, Tutor - https://twitter.com/Chief_Ebube
  6. Great Adams - Solidity & Java Script Tutor - https://twitter.com/greatAdams01
  7. Frank Miebaka - Social Media Handler- https://twitter.com/frank_miebaka
  8. Josh Tayo - Data Analyst Tutor- https://twitter.com/JaMorty04
  9. Emmanuel Duke - UI/UX Tutor - https://twitter.com/goldpilot_cr
  10. Soll IB - Volunteer Lead - https://twitter.com/SOLL8348

Discord Contact

Telegram Contact

Wallet Address:

B<>rder/ess Developers Program has a KYS (Know Your Student) process that requires students to send in their Student ID data along with their application, we do our best to protect those data.

How do you define impact for your project? What metrics are you tracking?

  1. No of Students Trained
  2. No of Students Graduated
  3. No of Students retained in the Borderless Interns program.
  4. No of projects integrated to the web3 ecosystem by Borderless devs
  5. No of web3 knowledgeable members trained monthly.

Share your project impact metrics and results
Our metrics over 2 years 2022 June - 2024 March

  1. 1 Physical Hub established
  2. 200 Students trained
  3. 8 web3 Tech clubs started in 8 Universities
  4. 3 web3 Products created by the students
  5. Over 9 Partnerships with Campus Communities and Fellowships established
  6. Over 20 Young People got jobs through the B<>rder/ess Communities and Partnership Connections

Here are some video reports below from our students and activities.

One of the products created during the first B<>rder/ess Dev program

October 2023 Cipher Session Set Graduation

One year can make a difference report

Campus Tour

Ebube’s Report on B<>rder/ess impact on her life.

Our Overall Goal is to create a structure that helps us make consistent impact, and to keep making that impact we need to consistently raise funds.

Thank You :nerd_face: