PizzaDAO: Bringing Retail Onchain

Describe your project and why you classify as a Public Good?

PizzaDAO is a global pizza co-op, a pizza party planner, and a pizza faucet for onchain builders. We aim to enable community ownership of commercial real estate and build open source small business software, both of which are fundamental tools to help communities all over the world build wealth and maintain ownership of their neighborhoods.

We strive to operate as a true DAO, maximizing our surface area for permissionless contribution. We do this with open community calls and chats, a constellation of open edit spreadsheets and documents, and a spirit of improvisational collaboration.

How much have you raised from each of your funding sources and from who?

For Global Pizza Party 2024, we raised $69,420 from NounsDAO, $13,370 each from Stand With Crypto and Unlock Protocol, $10,000 from Bitget, $6,942 from PayPal, and $5,000 each from Ledger and Helium Mobile. We raised our initial funding with the sale of our Rare Pizza NFT, bringing in 330 ETH in February 2021.

Share your project roadmap:

We plan to continue organizing events at major conferences (, throw our 5th Global Pizza Party (, and fund ongoing pizza support proposals that come before the DAO. Beyond that, the next step for PizzaDAO is to acquire pizzeria real estate in partnership with pizzerias and communities, then build open source products and services for our partners.

What milestones have you achieved?

We’ve thrown four global pizza parties, most recently bringing together over 10,000 people in 220 cities across more than 80 countries. We’ve organized 20+ celebrated conference events, from the USA to Europe, Latam, and Asia. In total, we’ve purchased and given away nearly $1m of pizza, supporting hundreds of pizzerias and feeding tens of thousands of people.

Tell us more about milestones you’d like to achieve

Within the next year, we’d like to organize the first real estate acquisition within the PizzaDAO ecosystem. We’ll also ship some simple open source projects, starting with a proof of pizza reimbursement tool (basically an onchain version of

For Global Pizza Party 2025, we’re targeting 400+ cities (double the 214 we did this year).

Funding Goal and Budget:

Any amount of funding would help, but $25,000 would be massively supportive for us. That would support 40 weeks of pizza sponsorships at $625 per event.

Tell us more about your team:

Snax, founder + Dread Pizza Roberts is a lifetime community organizer and early Bitcoiner

Matt Wilhelm, lead developer is a full-stack veteran who works on voting software for the US Congress

Anthony Shafer, lead NFT artist is a Hollywood alum who worked on projects like Harry Potter and the Star Wars prequels

You can see all the hires we’ve made in our pizza mafia epochs spreadsheet: Rare Pizzas Mafia Slice Allocations - Google Sheets

Beyond the core hires, we have a huge community that supports PizzaDAO’s operations all over the world. You can get a sense of how large it is by looking at the map or spreadsheet of global pizza parties.

Team Social Accounts:

@snack_man is the one filling this out, here’s a twitter list of PizzaDAO members.

Social Credibility (development progress, awards, notable GitHub commits, referrals)

Ask anyone you know in the onchain ecosystem about PizzaDAO and it’s likely they’ve not only heard of us but eaten pizza at one of our events. You can also check out our open source codebase.

Why’s your project important?

We’ve onboarded thousands of people into the onchain ecosystem (many now work for companies or have started their own projects) and some say we’re one of the only functional DAOs.

How do you define impact for your project? What metrics are you tracking?

  • attendance

  • cities reached

  • countries reached

  • properties acquired

  • pizzeria ecosystem partners

  • onchain ecosystem relationships

  • supporting small businesses

Share your project impact metrics and results

Most recently, on May 22, 2024, we brought together well over 10,000 attendees in more than 220 cities across over 80 countries in one day. In the lifetime of PizzaDAO, we’ve supported hundreds of independent pizzerias, fed tens of thousands of people, built relationships with a large portion of the onchain ecosystem, and taught thousands about the blockchain in friendly, nonthreatening environments.

Discord/Telegram Contact

Telegram: @snack_man
Discord: snax#6922

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